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Untapped: the Scramble for Africa’s Oil Untapped

Apr 02, 2007 John Ghazvinian John Ghazvinian has a doctorate in history from Oxford. He has written for Newsweek, the...

Statistics on African Countries

Sub-Saharan Africa (Black Africa) Total Population, 839.6 millionPopulation growth, 2.5% AnnuallyGDP (current ) US $946.1 billionGDP per capita (current)...

Look at how Africa is changing

The continent is on the move in the areas of economic development, conflict resolution and democratic governanceAdekeye AdebajoThe Observer, Sunday 27 February...

Maybe Africa Really Will Be the New China

The writer: Noah Smith Date first published: 3 June 2019 When people tell me that Africa will be the new China, I’m not as incredulous as I used...