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Black History Month Celebration Event

We offer a Black History Month Event to Companies who want to do something special for the month, to celebrate diversity within their firms, or to start a new conversation going forward. It provides a bookmark event to celebrate black inclusion in the United Kingdom and how this affects the country. We provides talks, activities, video, music performances and games. The event can be held online or in-person.

The event can be tailored for 45 minutes, one hour, 90 minutes or two hours.

The various elements of the event are:

Dawn Grant (Founder of Black Economics) – Introduction & Overview

* Talk – Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace

Examples of Best Practice (10 mins)

* Presentation – Understanding Black Lives (10 mins)

Racism & Resilience
Hair & Beauty
Motivation and Ambitions
Black Intellectuals

Black in Tech & Innovation
Food and Drink
Diverse Suppliers & Procurement Processes

* Activities (Allow 5 to 10 minutes each)

Diversity Suggestions
(Activity – Attendees make suggestions as to how to be more inclusive in the workplace Best Suggestions to be put to management)

Artists: Online Show – Original Art
(Activity – Favourite Art, Least Favourite Art)

Virtual – Black Fashion Show
(Activity – Vote in Fashion Show, Least Favourite Show)

Black Music
(Activity – Name Black Musicians from Music Clips)

Blacks in Entertainment
(Activity – Name blacks in Entertainment, Film, TV

Blacks in Sport
(Activity – Name and give sport – from picture)


  • Saxaphonist
  • Keyboard Player
  • Singer(s)
  • Poet

*Q & A

Questions can be sent through before the event…

Or Questions can be asked – either after each section of the event – Or at the end of the event.

*Optional Extras

  1. New Diversity & Inclusion Implementation Checklist tailored to your workplace

2) Pre-order book – Understanding black lives – one copy per attendee

3) Order Light Refreshments for the start or end of the event

4) Order a Hot Meal Buffet for the end of the event.

5) Additional Speakers – or panel of Speakers

6) Black History Months Sample Gift Packs – Items include food / drinks Snacks, Book List

7) A virtual exhibition of black owned businesses which you can support

8) An in-exhibition of black owned businesses featuring fashion, food, services, accessories etc.

If interested, email info@blackeconomics.co.uk