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Dawn Grant BSc PGCE Lola Hu
Founder & EditorAdministrator
Entrepreneur, Author, Tech Professional, Designer.
Owns Webs Design, Tech and Marketing Business:
Upwards Tech Marketing & Digital solutions

Marketing Associate and Writer.

Africa Correspondent
Alf AllenVonley Joseph
Advisory Board MemberAdvisory Board Member
Management Consultant in IT/Telecoms, Procurement, Tender Management and business process improvement initiatives.
Alf has worked very successfully with several high profile organisations across different sectors, including Retail, Finance & Banking, IT & Telecommunications.

Also owns: Secure Cybersecurity Hosting
Cloudsol Enterprise Grade Security
Owner of SOSI - Supporting enterprise growth, SOSI focuses on selling the product or service for startups and existing businesses to generate growth. Sosi Innovation
Owner of College:
Global Educ8tions
Currently doing a Phd
Leila Grant BScPatricia Livingston BA
Corporate LiaisonAdvisory Board Member
Business Analyst, Product Consultant,
ACA Accountant
Has worked with top Fintech Companies
Hair & Beauty Expert
Lecturer / Assessor.
Co-founder of Community organisation
Restore Communities

Also Owns - Hair Salon Business - Images
Social Media & Communications SecretaryPolitics Liaison
Trainee Lawyer and Fashion ModelLecturer
Currently doing a Phd

Writers (in addition to contributors from the team above)

  • Ron “Shabazz” Shillingford
  • Sarah Mook
  • James Yommy Ojo
  • Pauline Muir
  • Itai Michael Preston Choto
  • Michael Young

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