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Feedback about the Black Economics Website

2018 Feedback

IMJC: 8 Feb
It was a pleasure communicating.  I look forward to a constructive and inspiring relationship.

JYO: Feb 15, 2018
Was browsing ur website earlier.  There is a lot of valuable insights there! Will be following closely.  It’s actually impressive what you have built since 2005.

2012 Feedback

In 2012, we took a snapshot from visitors to this site.  Here is the feedback received.

Benchoong: Feb 28, 2012
Hi, overall, I think is the website is well organised, informative for the readers. The subscription at the bottom of the website is also a good idea for those who interested in getting news from this site. However, I think you should make the tabs more visible to readers.

Shamrock1961: Feb 26, 2012
Very interesting and informative website. As someone with an MBA I think this site is on a good track for information. I would recommend that you keep your eyes open for updated information from more sources like universities and colleges from around the world. I saw this as global business information site for black people in business. Good concepts! Keep up the good work and good luck. This is a challenging site to keep going I am sure.

Digitalwisdom: Feb 25, 2012
The time is long overdue for a site that addresses the many concerns of black people and their communities. It even includes a Black Business Directory so that the black community can take advantage of more networking opportunities. I will bookmark this one.

Stephen777: Feb 24, 2012
I have never seen a website like this one. Your website encourages me as an American black man to reach higher and persevere in my efforts to “make it” in this world. Your content is amazing and very comprehensive. I also love how you showcase successful blacks from around the world. Keep up the good work.

DragonflyKingdom: Feb 21, 2012
The colors and layout on your site is very appealing. I feel the large amount of resources will be very valuable to people visiting or searching for those specific keywords realted to your site. Your black business directory is good for people who want to support the business efforts of people of color.

Minstrelgreetings: Feb 20, 2012
An interesting site, very well laid out. It is difficult to know what to say as I am not in that group. I think if I was I would definitely want the information and support that this site offers. The community can definitely have the power to create positive change in this way

FPMConsultancy: Feb 20, 2012
I love the concept, I am just not feeling the layout or the colors. However the content was really good. I read a few articles and learned some interesting things. Maybe you might want to break down the contents more by making sub-menu’s under the categories in the headers. Black history section was a lot cleaner and I was able to see what was presented much easier. I think you need more subpages because again love the concept but to me its too hard to navigate…I bookmarked your page

JOE-LAND-E: Feb 19, 2012
Great site. The idea of making a site to gather the resources of black people is genial. I am white none the less I like your site. It has a professional look, inviting to navigate, very informative. I will recommend your site to my friends and wishing you well.

Seadog: Feb 19, 2012
Black Economics is a great website. It covers a wide range of topics. Subjects that are related to others as well as blacks. There are many topics and all are good reading .

Micrimini: Feb 19, 2012
I visited in depth this site and i found it very nice. There are a lot of interesting news about black culture and traditions. I liked especially the articles about the Brazil black history and that one about the Synoptic History of the Black Baptists in America …

Dtech: 1 Feb 18, 2012
Ok,..fancy website. Nice choice of colours. Difficult choice with the left bar links, mix match with several colours, works well. Links on home page work well. Additional information sites load quickly. Have you thought of targeting your links to a new page. As result home page will reamin and the additional information links will appear on new explorer window.

Wanda: Feb 17, 2012
I think the Black Economics website is fantastic. It is very organized, professional looking and easy to navigate. It clearly states the mission and purpose of the website and then has links that support that purpose. I like that there is a directory of black businesses for people to support. Excellent site!

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