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How To Start A Bakery: A Simple Guide To Get Started


The restaurant business is not easy to break into. But, many people with a passion for cooking do it anyway. Some have success and others close up shop fairly quickly.

A bakery is a bit different. Yes, it is hard work and long hours. Plus there is no guarantee of success. But, it is different enough that if you have talent as a baker or can hire a good one, your bakery has a good chance at succeeding as the factors to success are a bit simpler.

You just need to have a few basic ideas before you get started so you don’t make any avoidable mistakes early on. Then the rest is a learn as you go process.

First ensure you have the money to start. Getting a premises can be expensive especially if you have to fit it out yourself. Some bakers have started business from home, which gave them a track record, helped them to build up a clientele and showed evidence that it could work. Then they have branched out into commercial premises, or rented space from an existing bakers.

Set yourself apart

No matter how much competition you have in your area, you need to have some items that nobody else is doing. Make a name for yourself with certain products that you do really well.

Photography is everything. Get out brilliant original pictures of all your products. These pictures need to be plastered everywhere. All over your website and social media, and even better if you have a youtube video showing the products being made.

Testimonials are helpful. Get people who have tasted, seen or bought your products to share why they enjoyed your food. Pictures with them holding the products, eating the products and text of their compliments are marketing gold.

It could be anything from some French pastry that is difficult to make so nobody does it, too. Or you could simply get into baking with CBD oil by promoting the health benefits. Check your local regulations on what is allowed. Even though it is legal on the Federal level, local regulations may prohibit the sale of food made with it. You can learn more about CBD from Rave Reviews.

Pick a location

It’s a cliche, but location, location and location are the top three things you need to have a successful bakery.

Make sure there is enough traffic to sustain your business. There must be passing trade; people walking by, even if it is to the shops nearby. The smell of fresh baking should be a draw to new customers, but only if they walk close enough to the shop to appreciate it. And if there is not enough through traffic. Find a spot that has parking that is easy to enter and exit, or that there are other businesses that people will be stopping for like a strip mall.

Where you set up has to be convenient for people to want to stop. If you have foot traffic then that is a bonus, but don’t count on only people coming by on foot.

Market yourself

It doesn’t matter how good your bakery does things if people don’t know about it. Have your marketing plan on point and you will do some business. If your product and service are good then they will come back and spread some word of mouth reviews.

Free sampling at the door of the bakery is a great way to attract passing trade. Everyone loves free stuff. A free roll, or small cake packaged well will find many saying yes please.

Leaflets delivered to every home and business in the local area is also a good way to go. If you offer delivery – then your telephone should be ringing often, or those online orders flooding in.

But, you need to use some inbound marketing techniques to get people in the door to begin with.

The way it works is that you don’t go out looking for your target market. You set things up so that they can find you. Use social media, SEO for your website and even paid ads to get the word out. There is the ideal person looking for what you do and they will seek you out and find you with the right marketing.


Part of that marketing is consistent branding. Have a logo and catchphrase that is recognizable and attractive.

Make sure that your packaging and all of your web presence content have the same logo and colour scheme throughout. This way people will know what you are about at first glance.

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