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Ibi and the Afro Hair & Skin Co.


Ibi Meier-Oruitemeka is the Founder of The Afro Hair & Skin Co. She is a wellness beauty expert, creative entrepreneur and the founder and creative director of award-winning natural beauty brand The Afro Hair & Skin Co.

Ibi is an advocate for holistic health and wellness in black women, with articles published in Ash Magazine, PRIDE, Yolk Lore Magazine. In 2019 She was also profiled as one of the ‘Top 50 Emerging Beauty Industry Leaders’ – By EICBI

Ibi began researching and developing her powerful line of holistic products over a period of 5 years, seeking to eliminate all of the common toxins that she felt contributed to the undermining of black womens health and wellbeing. While providing high functioning all natural alternatives.

Within her first year, Ibi has seen her brand grow rapidly, demonstrating a hunger for health conscious beauty products among black women. She has received recognition for being a disruptor within the black beauty industry by creating an ethical and forward thinking brand with a modern outlook

Having recognised the need for a more ethical and sustainable approach she is an advocate for the use of locally sourced and grown ingredients and actively supports British artisans, makers and small scale producers by buying British ingredients that make up much of her range.

Her bestselling facial oil FLOW has attracted attention of top beauty editors and was subsequently named as ‘Best Skincare for and By People of Colour’ by VOGUE. She has also attracted the attention of publications such as Marie-Claire, Psychologies, NYLON, The Sunday Times Style supplement, ESSENCE and many more.

Ibi was a finalist in the Black British Business Awards 2018, she was named as one of 3 top British entrepreneurs shaking up the black british beauty industry in a series of interviews with Courier magazine (print +online) which chronicles the stories of modern start-up businesses in the UK. STYLIST magazine has referred to her as a ‘hair pioneer’. More recently Ibi appeared in the Telegraph newspaper sharing her top tips for entering the beauty industry. She was also named Entrepreneur of the month by the African Foundation for Development (AFFORD).

The Afro Hair & Skin Co. is an independent afro beauty and wellness business located along the beautiful English coast. They are dedicated to creating truly organic and natural products carefully crafted by hand, using fresh natural, and locally sourced ingredients that will feed the skin and hair with all the goodness necessary to blossom and be truly healthy.

Born in Manchester and raised in a Nigerian and predominantly vegeterian household, Ibi Meier-Oruitemeka has a degree in English Literature and Media Studies and has always had an interest in health and wellness. During her career, she managed to get a 3-months internship at a small publishing company based in Stockholm and ended up staying for 4 years in Sweden.

Living in Sweden gave her a renewed sense of purpose, reconnected her to her identity as an African woman and ignited the desire for her to create a space for black wellness. Very much influenced by her mother’s stories about making her own skin-care, she developed her range slowly and carefully over 5 years through a process of research-based learning, testing and a lot of trial and error. Her facial oil Flow was recently featured on Vogue.com as one of the best skincare products for people of colour.

The bottles lining beauty counters are micro-targeted for every imaginable complexion conundrum. Dehydrated skin that also suffers from rosacea? There’s a chamomile-spiked serum for that. Acne-prone combination skin? PH-balancing cleansers are here to help. Yet despite the boom in specialty products, those with deeper skin tones have traditionally found options for their specific concerns to be limited at best.

Melanin-rich skin has its own set of unique challenges—uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, and overactive sebaceous glands being the most prevalent among them. Lately, rather than waiting for the market to catch up to the growing skin-care needs of diverse customers, a number of brands have taken matters into their own hands. From hydrating serums formulated for oily skin to enzymatic cleansers that gently fade away dark spots, here are eight of the best skin-care products for and by people of color.

The Afro Hair and Skin Company may have come up with solutions.

Scars left behind by skin inflammation, sometimes caused by irritants such as added fragrances in skin-care products, are much more apparent on deeper complexions. This serum combines healing English blackcurrant seed oil with organic ylang-ylang flower, a balancing floral oil, to keep both flare-ups and oil overproduction at bay. The Afro Hair + Skin Co. Flow Perfectly Balanced Face Oil.

The company also provides products such as the omega healthy hair oil and the cleansing shampoo bar.

Ibi lives in a small coastal town in the UK with her partner and their 2 young children.

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