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Serena Williams – the Greatest of All Time


There is something about Serena Williams that makes the world want to see her carry on  winning in tennis year after year.  Notwithstanding that she is now 37, she continues to perform well, reaching finals and semi-finals.  She has a high profile social media presence and has other business interests to keep her entertained.
Whenever she hangs up her tennis boots, the world will be mourn.  With a larger than life personality, and powerful voice, we cannot imagine what will happen she is gone.  Tennis may become more white and people of colour will switch off again.  There may be replacements coming up the ranks.  Coco Gauff is being groomed but Serena’s boots are big shoes to fill.
Serena was initially Coached by father Richard Williams and mother Oracene Price.  Her current coach is Patrick Mouratoglou.  Over her career, she has earned $88,856,834 from Tennis.
As at July 2019, her WTA ranking is 10.  As the youngest of five sisters: Lyndrea, Isha, Yetunde (deceased September 14, 2003) and Venus, Serena began playing at age 5 at public courts in Compton, California.
She speaks of initial resistance to herself and her sister on the tennis circuit at the beginning, which was then almost completely comprised of white players.  “Change came – not because we were welcomed, but because we wouldn’t stop winning”


Serena has been a winner 72 times.
Winner (72): 2017 – Australian Open; 2016 – Rome, Wimbledon; 2015 – Australian Open, Miami, Roland Garros, Wimbledon, Cincinnati; 2014 – Brisbane, Miami, Rome, Stanford, Cincinnati, US Open, WTA Finals; 2013 – Brisbane, Miami, Charleston, Madrid, Rome, Roland Garros, Bastad, Toronto, US Open, Beijing, WTA Finals; 2012 – Charleston, Madrid, Wimbledon, Stanford, Olympics, US Open, WTA Finals; 2011 – Stanford, Toronto; 2010 – Australian Open, Wimbledon; 2009 – Australian Open, Wimbledon, WTA Finals; 2008 – Bangalore, Miami, Charleston, US Open; 2007 – Australian Open, Miami; 2005 – Australian Open; 2004 – Miami, Beijing; 2003 – Australian Open, Paris [Indoors], Miami, Wimbledon; 2002 – Scottsdale, Miami, Rome, Roland Garros, Wimbledon, US Open, Tokyo [Princess Cup], Leipzig; 2001 – Indian Wells, Toronto, WTA Finals; 2000 – Hannover, Los Angeles, Tokyo [Princess Cup]; 1999 – Paris [Indoors], Indian Wells, Los Angeles, US Open, Grand Slam Cup.
She has devoted a lot of time and money to charity, including opening two Serena Williams Secondary Schools in Kenya (one in 2008, one in 2010).
She toured Lagos and Johannesburg with sister Venus for ‘Breaking The Mould’ tour (in 2012)
She is a UNICEF International Goodwill Ambassador; and has also made many other appearances at schools and community organizations, particularly those which target at-risk youth
Serena has always been interested in fashion, with a custom-designed Nike apparel line, her own clothing line (Aneres) and her successful HSN collection of handbags and jewelry (Serena Williams Signature Statement)
Favorite author: Maya Angelou;
Music: listens to Mariah Carey, Brandy …
Favorite place to visit is Paris …
Enjoys acting, watching movies and football, reading, talking on the phone and spending time with family and friends
Status: Married.
The wedding to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian took place in New Orleans on November 16, 2017
Daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian, Jr., was born on September 1, 2017.

Serena Williams Grand Slam History.