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Gangs, Gun and Knife Crime

Members of a coalition of local activists, church groups and community leaders try to promote peace amongst rival street gangs in an area known as ``death alley,'' where the highest rates of homicide in the city occur, in Los Angeles, California on August 7, 2015. Gang violence has increased in Los Angeles in 2015 with reports of two gangs allegedly entering into a competition to see which one can kill 100 people in the next 100 days. AFP PHOTO / MARK RALSTON (Photo credit should read MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images)

Gangs, Gun and Knife crime is affecting youth in London and other inner city areas around the globe.  Black youth are suffering and are also perpretrators.  In Glasgow, Scotland it was disaffected white youth who were involved.  Glasgow managed to turn things around. While we must appreciate that it is only about 5% of youth are involved in these crimes, they periodically appear at the top of the news cycle.

The Problems and The Solutions are vast and wide ranging.

Today we produce – One Page Snapshot of what is going on with our youth, and what solutions exist – or are needed.

There is much to be done – who can help solve these problems?  Charities, Community Groups, Churches, Mosques, Youth Associations, Government, Local Councils, Police and Corporate Business – CSR departments all need to be doing their part to solve this crisis, once and for all.  Don’t turn a blind eye.