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Book Launch – A New Racism Book


Last week there was an amazing book launch held in central London. The topic was racism, but before you say not another racism book – this one is different. There is such a thing as Sophisticated Racism. The Title is ‘Understanding and Managing Sophisticated and Everyday Racism ‘

Nearly 100 people graced the room at UCL’s insitute of education. The Authors Dr Victoria Showunmi and Dr Carol Tomlin took time to explain the reason for the book, to explain various chapters and to take questions from the audience.

The audience enthusiastically agreed there was a need for such a book, and many bought the book on the spot until there were no more hard copies left.

The audience was a mix of ethnicities – which was interesting. Black, White, Asians sat together drinking in the information and delving deeper with more questions. The Authors tried to leave no stone unturned, even looking at the nuances between types of racism and different black experiences.

The book can be purchased here… https://asanteblack.com/products/understanding-and-managing-sophisticated-and-everyday-racism-book for delivery to UK addresses.

Review 1

‘Understanding and Managing Sophisticated and Everyday Racism is essential reading. At once confronting, tender and sophisticated, the book centers Black women’s lived experiences in a manner that critiques both national policy and every racism.

This book is beautifully written, with Victoria Showunmi and Carol Tomlin sharing personal trauma and triumph while at the same time offering insights that researchers, policy makers and everyday people seeking better understanding of race, racism and race relations will find helpful’.

– Jeffery S. Brooks, Head of School, Curtin University School of Education.

As distinguished academics and experts in their field, whatever they publish must be taken seriously.

The Authors, Dr Victoria Showunmi and Dr Carol Tomlin celebrated the completion and publication of this groundbreaking book.

The date was Wednesday 25th May at 6.30pm

The Venue was Institute of Education, 20 Bedford Way, London WC1H 0AL, (Whitty Wing, Room W3.01)

The Book is published by Lexicon Books, Rowman & Littlefield

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About the Authors

Dr Victoria Showunmi

Dr Victoria Showunmi is an Associate Professor at the University of London, with Research Interests in Identity & Leadership, Women’s Development and Well-being, Gender and Race identity. She is also an Advocate for Social Justice in Society.

Dr Showunmi is a popular speaker with universities and organisations around the world.

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Dr Carol Tomlin

Rev Dr Tomlin is an Ordained Minister and award-winning Educational Leader who, is currently the Principal and Director of studies at KS School of Theology. Dr Tomlin has a long and distinguished academic career both nationally and internationally and is currently a Visiting Fellow at the University of Leeds.

Dr Tomlin is the Founder and Senior Minister of 2 churches, in Birmingham and Leeds in the United Kingdom.

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