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Smart Ways You Can Earn Money Without Leaving The Comfort Of Your Home


The internet is full of money-making opportunities. Accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, working from the comfort of your home is the future. Do you want to go to work in your pajamas? Then read on!


The beauty of freelancing is that you work on your terms. You decide what jobs to accept, how many hours to work, and how much to charge for your skills. If you have a skill, there’s a freelance gig for you.

Here are some gigs.


If you can churn out engaging written content, you’re in demand. Becoming a freelance writer is straightforward, all you really need is a portfolio of your best work.

You can write for blogs, websites, online journals, poetry sites, social media handles, and academic writing sites, depending on what you’re good at.

Teaching A Language

Things like traveling, social media, and remote work have had the effect of the world to intersect. People need and want to speak multiple languages. The market for English as a Second Language (ESL) tutors is particularly large.

If you’re a native English speaker with a laptop, a webcam, headphones, and a stable internet connection, you could earn between $14 to $22 an hour from teaching grammar and pronunciation right from home.


Did you know you could make money off those photos you shot on your phone that everyone says are breathtaking?

Even better if you’re a professional photographer. Making money off of your images simply involves uploading them to huge online databases, apps, and stock websites, where people can buy them for their blogs, books, websites, etc. Plus, photos can be sold multiple times, so you make money with zero effort.


If you can write code, you can make a lot of money online. The demand is immense.

Developing and programming websites and computers could make you over $3,000 every month.

Content Creation

Content creation is contributing new information or ideas to any media. Contributing information and ideas to online audiences via digital media has now become a major source of income.


If you can create exciting video content that will have viewers coming back for more, YouTube could be perfect for you. Successful YouTubers are raking in the cash.

The platform can earn you money in a variety of ways:

  • Influencer Marketing, where a YouTuber gets paid by sponsors to promote a brand, product, or service
  • Google AdSense, where a YouTuber connects to YouTube’s advertising system and is paid whenever someone clicks on or watches an ad on their video.
  • Crowdfunding, where YouTubers solicit contributions from their followers or fans.


Podcasting is now a top-side hustle. With a microphone and a smart mouth, you could amass devoted listeners and start monetizing.

You can monetize through sponsorship and advertising deals, affiliate marketing, consulting, and donations from your audience.


Creating a blog can be as easy as signing up on a free blogging platform in under five minutes.

The key to making money off of blogging is finding a niche. A niche is a specialized or targeted market.

Your niche could be travel blogging, food blogging, or blogging about music, electric guitars, or unicorns. There’s an audience for pretty much anything.

Much like podcasting, monetizing a blog is through advertising and sponsorship deals, affiliate marketing, fan donations, etc.

Market Research

Market research is collecting information about consumer or customer preferences, needs, and wants. The team behind stansgigs.com explained that companies need to know your thoughts and reactions about their products and services. In fact, they’re willing to pay for it.

Here’s how you can make money off of your opinion alone:

  • Online Surveys, where you’ll answer pages of questions about a brand, product, or service. Market research recruitment professionals warn against falling for scams when finding online surveys, as these have become rather rampant.
  • Focus groups, where you’ll be part of a select group of people discussing your views about a product, service, or brand. Focus groups are the ideal market research income earner, as it pays a lot more.
  • Product sampling, where you’re given a product to try out free of charge. The only condition is that you give your opinion about the product after use.

Online Selling

Finding people to buy things from you has truly never been easier. There are multiple platforms on which you can sell anything from a couch to a room. For example;

  • You can resell old textbooks you no longer need, or write your own book and sell it on Amazon Kindle.
  • You can try drop-shipping, where you buy products from a third party when a customer makes an order and ship it to them. This means you don’t have to worry about physical inventory and all the hassles that come with it.
  • You could rent out your spare room on Airbnb. This could mean quite a lot of money because Airbnb charges only 3% of the booking total.

If you have a stable internet connection and a phone, earning money from the comfort of your home is easy.