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Top Tools Amazon FBA Entrepreneurs Use to Catch Up with the Algorithm


When Amazon introduced their Fulfillment by Amazon program (FBA) back in 2006, the eCommerce sellers’ business model was forever changed. The FBA service literally demolished some of the major obstacles that online sellers are often faced with. The burden and costs of holding inventory, packaging, and shipping were now taken care of by the leading eCommerce retailer on the planet. To say that FBA disrupted this field and gave Amazon even further leverage as an industry leader is an understatement.

Entrepreneurs like yourself could’ve never afforded to set up their own online store had it not been for similar concepts offering their expertise and know-how to help you make it happen. However, if you’ve been in this field for some time now, you know that the ever-changing computer algorithms can be a real hurdle if you don’t have the necessary tools to navigate your way through.

Continue reading to learn about the top tools Amazon FBA entrepreneurs like yourself can use to catch up with the elusive algorithm:


If you often find yourself struggling with identifying the kind of products customers would respond to, ZonGuru is an Amazon-seller tool that can help you do just that. The platform offers real-time data insights to optimize your Amazon listings. With powerful features like the Niche-Finder, you’ll understand through an effective analysis where the customer demands and explore your options regarding new products to add to your portfolio. Halo-Effect is another software offered through ZonGuru’s suite of tools that deciphers product-relevant keywords that you wouldn’t come across anywhere else. Using ZonGuru’s Halo-Effect you’ll be able to stay in line with the algorithm without missing a beat. ZonGuru offers different pricing packages for its users, by which you can pay on a monthly basis or at a 40% discounted price on an annual basis. The Researcher package at 39 USD/month could be enough for you to unlock their Niche Finder and Keyword Spotlight features to play the Amazon algorithm.

Helium 10

Helium 10 is a one-stop-shop for all the essential tools an FBA seller would need to rise to the top. The software brings together some of the leading integrated tools in the market in one place to help you become a more successful Amazon seller. Helium 10 offers tools that cover a wide range of services including keyword-tracking, competitors’ analysis, and listing optimization, to mention only a few. You can make use of attractive discounted deals as shown on infinitefba.com/helium-10-coupon-code to give Helium 10 a try at a 50% discount on your first month before you commit to a full-fledged subscription. Once you see firsthand the impact those tools have on growing your bottom line, you can then look into Helium 10’s available pricing packages. Starting with the 30-day free trial basic version moving onwards to their most popular Platinum package and the more elaborate Diamond and Enterprise ones, you’ll surely find a package that suits your specific needs.

Unicorn Smasher

Using reliable sales-driven projections, Unicorn Smasher is one of the top tools you can rely on to adapt your operations to Amazon’s algorithms. This research tool comes with features that highlight the most successful products being sold on Amazon to help you shift your focus accordingly. The elaborate dashboard Unicorn Smasher offers makes it very easy to use as it brings all of the information that you need in one place instead of wasting your time creating complicated spreadsheets. However, the main competitive advantage of this tool over all the others is that it’s free to download and install.


Running your FBA business, you’ll get to know that pricing the products you sell online appropriately is crucial to determine your chances of success. Like for the majority of FBA entrepreneurs, your product likely has numerous competitors selling on Amazon as well. The infamous tool CamelCamelCamel will take the ambiguity of pricing out of the equation and allow you to identify the optimum price to set for your products. It’s considered one of the top price-tracking tools that you can depend on to understand how your competitors are pricing their products. This will save you a lot of research time trying to find some important information. Furthermore, using CamelCamelCamel, you can activate the alert feature for your products of interest in order to be notified of any changes and adjust your pricing accordingly.

Using this tool is as simple as setting up an account, and you’re all set.

As an FBA entrepreneur, you have a huge opportunity to make big profits. Using one or more of the tools listed in this article will multiply your chances of success even further and put you on the right track early on. With simple research, you’ll immediately understand that this is an investment-worthy of your attention and money.