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6 Skills That A Property Manager / Estate Agent Should Possess


Being a property manager is a challenging but gratifying profession. A property manager is essential in maintaining and improving properties and the quality of life of their residents. When hiring a property manager or becoming one, here are the six most important skills you should possess.

1.   Extensive Knowledge

A property manager should always be informed and up-to-date about the latest trend and information about the industry. Many clients and companies will opt for a person with a degree related to the job, such as business, accounting, or real estate. More than that, you need to continue to better yourself through continuous training, seminars, and certification. Extensive knowledge will help you answer and explain everything to your customers.

2. Honesty

Buying or selling a house is a big step in everyone’s life – and being a part of that process, you should be completely truthful and sincere to them. Before property owners delegate property to them, a trusted property management company and manager should prove themselves transparent and reliable. The relationship between two parties should always provide a comfortable, profitable, and stress-free experience. If you are a very straightforward and sincere property manager, you can be more successful in the field.

3. Confidence

Confidence is also a crucial skill to have as a property manager because some clients can detect if you are having doubts about yourself or vulnerability. In return, they will also not be confident in you. Always present yourself as a secure and capable person to be in charge of something important to them.

4. Communication and Negotiation Skills

 Aside from being honest, you should also be able to communicate and negotiate with your customers clearly. Property management is mainly buying and selling – and your success and failure will depend on your ability to convince someone to your favor.  You will be the middleman between numerous parties and make sure they agree to certain terms. You should always be assertive and have the ability to solve difficult situations to secure a deal. Moreover, work hard on refining your oral and written communication skills.

5. Organization And Management Skills

You will be handling many clients all at once, and you need to guarantee that every owner and resident will be properly dealt with at all times. On top of that, you also need to look after all the property you handle is in good condition. And to do all of these, you need good organization and management skills. Be prepared to work under pressure and use different strategies.

6. Professionalism

Many people can’t find the right balance between professionalism and friendliness. As a property manager, you should have a good heart and the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. There will be situations that will try your morals and ethics, but you have to stick to who you are and what you believe in.

Here are the six key skills that a property manager should possess. Don’t worry if you don’t have it all from the start. You can work on acquiring all of them and continue to improve yourself to get more skills that will help you succeed in this field.