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Shelf Space for Black-owned Businesses



It is crucial that black business owners gain wider exposure in mainstream stores.

We recently put out a message to find out who would be interested in appearing in a pop up store at a major department store in the UK. The response has been great and it shows that the ambitions are there. Well done Guys.

If you are one of those trying to phone through, please note that we stopped taking calls and are just focusing on the emails. Just email through your interest and what you do to info@blackeconomics.co.uk We will get back to you shortly. All details are being sent out via email.

Appearing in busy shopping centres and well known department stores is a boost for any business. It introduces your brand to new customers – and they will visit your website and possibly buy at a later date.

Even if that appearance is a pop-up shop for one or two weeks – there are people you will meet, who for whatever reason, would not have found you online. Then you the brand owner can sweet talk them into buying from you then and there, or in the coming weeks.

It is also crucial that black business owners have our own physical stores too – and some already have this. Kudos to those who do and we know it is not always easy. However, especially during these Covid 19 times, online presence needs to be made a priority.


An Ecommerce presence is extremely valuable in this day and age. There are many ways to sell online:
Own Website
Shopify Store
Woo Commerce Store

But having an online presence is not enough. The constant marketing and promotions are key. Free Social Media communications and paid digital marketing are valuable methods to bring more people to your products.

Wishing you every success, even as we lead up to Christmas 2020 – which it seems be very different this year. In all that you do stay safe.


It is important to note what is going on in the USA since the BLM protests started in May of 2020. Major brands such as Target and Sephora have announced that they will devote 15 percent of their shelf space to products from Black-owned businesses.

The announcement comes after the designer Aurora James (pictured above) called on the brands, including Net-a-Porter, Target, and Whole Foods, to sign the 15 percent pledge, a commitment to buying 15 percent of their goods from Black-owned businesses.

“We represent 15 percent of the USA population and we need to represent 15 percent of your shelf space,” James wrote. The beauty retailer Sephora was the first business to sign up.

So in Britain – what percentage should we be asking for. In the 2011 census Black residents constituted around 3 per cent of the United Kingdom’s population. We would estimate that now in 2020, this is 7 percent, accounting for mixed races, larger families and immigration.

So if retailers and department stores are ready to offer 7% of shelf space – our black-owned businesses are ready for it. Contact us. We have Ready, Willing and Able producers of unique products for your shelves. Fashion, Art, Cosmetics, Accessories, Jewellery, Furnishings, Health supplements, Hair products, Beauty products, Hats, Shoes, Food, Drinks, Electronics, You name it.

Email us to discuss – info@blackeconomics.co.uk

Visit BlackBizApp.net to see the breadth of businesses out there. Each listing has a link to their website.