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No Education – Lack of Job Opportunities



Are you good enough for this job! Do you have what it requires?

There are 600,000 jobs being advertised in the UK every day. Many of the unemployed cannot fill these roles because, they do not have the right skills, or education required. The jobs which require no qualifications – typically – some people do not want to do.

There are 3 million jobs being advertised in America, which most of the unemployed cannot fill because they are not educated enough, of have the right skills.

Job Available here!

Job not good enough?

There are a number of job openings available. However some people don’t want to do those, or they are too proud for that. They do not seem to realize that those are the only jobs they are qualified to do.

The point is

A good education opens more doors.

Post-code lottery

Are matters so hopeless, and really dependent on where you live?

What is the way out….
For some communities, the outlook for youths is prison or death or rap music. 
The lucky few make it big in rap music.

Drug dealing is seen as an easy way to wealth. This mostly leads to gang warfare, grievous bodily harm, death, or prison. It sometimes leads to other crimes, such as theft or sexual assault.

What is the way out….. of….. this….. ever spinning cycle?

Local schools in some areas, breed more problems. Teachers have no control over what happens in the playground, and after school.

Peer pressure is often too strong for many youths, who do not want to be part of this lifestyle.

There are solutions for 95% of problems in life.

Educational Solutions