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3 Signs it’s Time for a Career Change


One of the hardest things you can do is to find a fulfilling career. You can only find a few people entering the workforce with the exact thing they want.

According to the research on jobs, people above 50 years have tried at least 12 different jobs in an attempt to find the right one. For many people, it is recommended to change their career to a better one. The only challenge is knowing the right time to quit the current job.

Therefore, you are not alone when you want a career change at some point in your life. Taking this action can be a daunting process since it can mean leaving a stable job and heading on an uncharted path for some. To start fresh, you may need to create everything from application letters to resumes. You will need an online resume builder to enjoy free services and various features for a perfect resume. This will make your work easier when moving from one office to another.

If you are reading this part, it means you are starting to doubt if the career path you are on is the right one for you. If that is the case, check out some of the below signs that will give you the green light to change your career.

You are feeling that you are letting everybody down

Your job description is the same every day unless otherwise. Therefore, every day will feel identical since you perform on “autopilot.” Sometimes you feel undervalued, like your talent and time are wasted and some of your greatest skills are not well utilized.

If you feel like you are making no or less impact in your place of work, then it is time to change your career. The new career will allow you to develop your skills, make a meaningful contribution and enhance your strength to help the organization.

You feel dissatisfied even if you are earning a fortune

You may be earning handsomely, but the work is dreadful and mindless. You may justify your stay in a certain company because of the paycheck, but when that is not enough, you need to consider changing your career. You will find yourself tired in the morning or looking at the second hand of the office clock ticking during a meeting. It is only Tuesday, but you are making plans for next week.

Even though you appreciate your stability, you are starting to feel like you are wasting your time and potential.

Your personal life is affected by your job

Your work or job is expected to be challenging, but not draining or debilitating. If you keep on losing sleep, are chronically exhausted, experiencing physical symptoms or suffer from headaches, it may be your body’s way of showing you that your current work is not for you.

Remember, some relationship or family issues if brought about by permanent stress. You may not know it, but you can notice some of your family members, colleagues or friends have started to comment on your constant irritability complaining. If your job is turning you into a bitter or unhappy individual, look for another alternative that gives you the satisfaction and peace of mind you need.