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Is A More Flexible Lifestyle Better For Business?


We often hear that business owners can suffer from exhaustion just from the sheer magnitude of running a business, and many business owners feel that on a personal level too. But we want our businesses to succeed, so we put everything into making sure that happens. So when it comes to the ‘work/ life balance’ is there an alternative that we haven’t already thought about? Can we make our lifestyle more flexible to fit in with our business needs and have the best of both worlds? Here are some points to consider and hopefully help you with the work/ life balance.


Sometimes we just don’t want to get ourselves too committed when it comes to our lifestyle, that’s why people are turning to leasing rather than buying, especially when it comes to things such as hot tubs and cars. We don’t always need to buy things outright and then have the hassle of selling them when we need a change, plus the financial loss that usually comes with that can be significant. Leasing companies such as Vantage Leasing can provide vehicle leasing on a contract that means you are in control of how many months you use the car for, and if you feel that car no longer fits your needs you simply change it. This means you aren’t spending time buying/ selling and maintaining possessions and can spend more time elsewhere.

Nine to Five?

We all know that taking care of ourselves is important, and that we need to do things that make us happy, but this doesn’t have to be on the weekends only. If you happen to have an important business call on a Saturday morning, that’s fine, but make sure that you take that ‘downtime’ elsewhere. There is a lot to be said for taking time when you need it, and keeping those stress levels low. So if you can manage an hour or so midweek and that works for you, then grab it with both hands, taking advantage of this flexibility can be a game-changer.


We are living in a technological era, and we can’t deny that many of us carry out most of our social interactions via our phones, but this doesn’t have to be a negative thing. If you find it difficult to match up your calendar with your friends because your business is taking up a lot of time, just pick up the phone, using technology to your advantage can keep your relationships intact and open up opportunities to catch up where time doesn’t always allow.

Being more flexible with your lifestyle and socialising can really help relieve the potential stress in your business life, there are many business owners who take their relaxation time seriously, and we should all take care of ourselves, but if we need to take a more unusual approach then there is nothing wrong with that, we can all learn from each other and taking advice from those who have been in your shoes is always a good start!