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Reuben Miller – Halfway Home


The tragedy of a member of the family being placed in prison is not just about the prisoner. It is about the whole family who has to permanently shield an ex-convict not being able to work, or rent a property or pay their way in life. Some end up homeless – and that shortens life expectancy.

The extra pain is that sometimes these prisoners are innocent but just cannot afford a decent lawyer. Corrupt police and justice systems are destroying too many of our black men. We have to wake up and be vocal. We need to demand change. It’s 2021 and these things are still happening in the USA and the UK.

Please check out Reuben Miller. He has just released a book. “Halfway Home”. There needs to be more organisations out there prepared to work with ex-offenders to rehabilitate them into society.

Video – We recommend you watch his interview on Amanpour last night which is embedded below.

We sent a tweet to Reuben last night after viewing the above interview.

” @reubenjmiller Dear Reuben – thank you for your interview on CNN /Amanpour. You clearly described the problems of incarceration and black men suffering in the American justice system. It was heartbreaking. Truly shocking in 2021. Please sit down with Biden, Harris to solve this. ”

This morning he responded –

ReubenJonathanMiller@reubenjmiller· Replying to @Black_EconomicsThank you for this. It means a lot. And I’m happy to sit down with anyone in power willing to help bring about change. “

We put a call out to President Biden, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to watch the video above. The needle needs to move.

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