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Kanye West speaks about the Fashion Industry


In a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel,  (Otober 9th, 2013) Kanye West spoke of difficulties he finds in the fashion industry.  If he is finding it difficult, what hope does the ordinary ambitious person have?

“All he wants to do is make awesome stuff”

“There is no black Guy at the End of the Runway at Paris Fashion Week.
He’s been sitting in Paris Fashion Week for 9 years, and he still cannot break that wall down.

“Fashion is not always practical.  It’s more about swag…. and style”
Leather Jogging pants now popular, but rejected by major fashion house over five years ago.
Everyone looks at him like he is crazy, as if he is going to crash the Internet.
He feels it is not even about racism anymore .. it’s a classism.  ”
“All we want is a real shot.  I am only 36 years old, and I want to do other things.  I want to make the next Ralph Lauren.
My Mother made me believe in myself.  I refuse to follow those rules which society sets up in the way that they control people with low self-esteem.   Call Oprah and say BACK THIS KID.  His parents were educators.  Exactly what I did in music I want apply it to Product and to Education