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Race Report – Response and Determination Statement


Determination Statement

The Black Economics Determination – Post

So we were disappointed by the Race Report. It doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. The needle will not be moved by the Government. They just do not see what we see. Let’s move on.

It’s time we took control of our destiny.  The Government goes Right – we go Left and make it anyway.  We will not be brainwashed into thinking all is well – when it clearly is not.  The days of blindly accepting revisionist history are over.

We embrace Black History – good and bad – we have no choice. We will fight so that the world becomes more educated about our true worth and the injustices we faced in the past and still face.

We already knew the statistics – and we already knew that the Government does not want to decolonise the curriculum or educate the population about unconscious bias or privilege. But through strategic marketing and training offerings we can get the message across from the bottom up. Regions can make it happen. Wales has started already.

We go forward – taking the best advice and ideas – not from the Report, but from Our Superheroes, Kings and Queens amongst us have shown the way.  We have Top Entrepreneurs, Top Academics, Top Scientists, Top Tech Experts, Top Entertainers, Top Sports People, Top Film Producers and Directors, Top Musicians, Top Record Labels, Top Builders, Top Property Investors, Top Fintech, Top Corporate Managers from the Black Community. If they did it – so can we.

We will break down more  barriers and forge ahead with our respective Talents and Giftings. We will work with Corporates, Educational Institutions and Celebrities who want to Accelerate the peaceful progress of educating themselves and redressing the balance.  

We refuse to be exploited anymore and have others take credit for our work.  We refuse to have others benefit – more than us for our resources and our talent. When we see we are being discriminated against – we will speak out and take action.  No longer will we suffer in silence.

We will embrace Technology to advance our Economics and our causes – and not let AI programmers get away with programming their own racist prejudices. Our grasp of new technologies will propel us further faster.  In ten years time we will be off the chain.

We ourselves will Fix Up and Climb Higher – where this is required without waiting for a handout. And those who have made it above the barriers need to help 100 more people overcome those same barriers.

Too many are giving up or getting sick before their targets are realised. Life is short. Let us not put off what should be done right now. Get the right connections. Get the right training. Youtube is a free resource and be prepared to invest in yourself for faster development.

If a bad report can unite us against it.  We can unite positively to aspire to 10 times our current income and raise our economic levels as a community.

Let’s make it happen