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Inspire Others while Promoting your Business

Do you have an economic story to tell. This would be about business, money, poverty, wealth, success, business failure. Perhaps others can learn or be inspired by your story. We are looking for experiences for this website. Look at is as helping others.
Please email info@blackeconomics.co.uk to do any of the following:

  • Showcase good black businesses. Tell the stories of business owners who understand the concept of success – however it is done, whatever the commodity or service, and to whomever they can sell to.
  • Encourage more black people to start businesses – where real wealth can be attained. Create a product or a service, rather than be perpetual consumers.
  • Urge people to be aware of black businesses around them, and where possible – encourage the business owner – by becoming customers or clients of those black businesses.
  • Showcase top black professionals, who thrive in the corporate world.
  • Encourage people of means, to invest in black-owned businesses
  • Provide real business tips

The information required can come from any person, whatever race, gender, class or country. We can all learn from each other.
If your story is accepted, then the article will acquire free publicity  on this site and on social media for years to come.  A link to your website and/or social media profiles will be provided.