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February 2021 – Newsletter

Dear Colleagues

I hope 2021 has got off to a great start.

Upcoming Events

We have an online networking event on Monday, 1st March at 6.30pm.
It is an opportunity to share good news if you have any new products, increased sales, press coverage or new website.
This is the link to book your free tickets.

There will be a Mastermind Session starting in APRIL 2021 for Premium and Associate Members. Those particular people will be consulted as to the date soon.

Our YouTube Channel

The Black Economics TV YouTube Channel is in full swing with recent content. There are now about 50 videos already uploaded.

This channel can be found at this link. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtyvz_toxMXojomJqi4PV0A

Please visit and SUBSCRIBE and like the videos you listen to, and even comment if you can. This is encouraging to the speaker. I will point out a few at the end of this newsletter.


Black Economic Members promotional are featured at the end of the videos. If I do not have a marketing video from you, please provide this asap.

The marketing videos that you create need to have music which is royalty free. Do not choose your favourite pop song.

We can create a marketing video for you if you do not have one. The cost is £25 or £59. Contact me to discuss.

There are also playlists set up if you want to listen to sections of the channel, while you are busy working or doing other things.

Do you have a youtube channel? If so, please let us know, so that we can support it also.

Members Features

Follow us on Twitter: @black_economics
and Instagram: @blackeconomics1

Business Support
You are welcome to book an appointment for us to have a prolonged conversation about your business for independent advice and connections.


ECommerce Portal –

From next week – we start to create the ECommerce portal for our products with a view to launching this 1st April 2021. This portal will be promoted particularly to Corporates and to Mainstream buyers; as well as to the black community.

To ensure your products are included – please contact us for a conversation. Email through what items you would like to sell via this channel.

Sections will be as divided up as on the members categories on this page. http://beaar.org/beaar-members/

Eg, Fashion, Food, Beauty, Hair, Services, Art, Furnishings, Tech and more.

Social Media

Are you linking with us on Social Media – so that we can interact with you and help push your posts?

Follow us on Instagram: instagram.com/blackeconomics1

And on Twitter:

WhatsApp Group

Once again I publish the Black Economics Whatsapp Group link which you can join on your phone.


This is an invitation only group – and as such each participant is attended to as an individual and we get to know each other properly.

It is the fastest way for the leadership of Black Economics to communicate with members, and everyone can share news about their business, and up to 4 product pictures. On joining please introduce yourself.

Those of you who have joined already, it is a pleasure getting to know you and your business.

A Sample of some of the Videos on Black Economics TV

Below is a list of some of the videos on the channel. Please subscribe, watch, like and comment. The more interaction we get the better. This list is a tip of the iceberg. There are many great videos on the channel.

A young mother – Sabrina Smith talks about her aspirations and is tearful when discussing her 13 year old son.

Judge Peter Herbert – talks about how and why he became a lawyer, and his adventures through to becoming a Judge.

Nigerian young adults – discuss what life is like living in Nigeria. They also discuss Covid and NSARs.

A young man – David Dacosta – with a Travel business explains how comes he was able to retire at age 30 with a monthly 5-figure income.

Kike is the founder of BYP Network. In this interview Kike explains why she started the business and how she was able to raise funds for the business. To date she has raised over 800,000 pounds for her organisation.

Lee Jasper – long time activist explains the battles still to be won despite BLM protests last year.

Lawyer Dr Jennifer Obaseki talks about how to run a successful business. She has a law firm which is in its 16th year, has 12 staff and an offices in 3 continents.

Sheldon Thomas – A former Gang Member talks about his life and what he is doing to help young people now.