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Aims and Objectives

Our Aims and Objectives are as follows:

1) To debate the concept of the black pound (or the black dollar) worth £40 billion in the UK, $1.3 trillion in the USA, and many more billions in Africa, the Caribbean and South America. How can this black money be leveraged. Everybody wants it – but who is benefiting most from it?

2) To showcase good black businesses and tell the stories of business owners who understand the concept of success – however it is done, whatever the commodity or service, and to whomever they can sell to.

3) To encourage more black people to start businesses – where real wealth can be attained. Create a product or a service, rather than be perpetual consumers.

4) To urge people to be aware of black businesses around them, and where possible – encourage the business owner – by becoming customers or clients of those black businesses.

5) To showcase top black professionals, who thrive in the corporate world.

6) To urge people of means, to invest in black businesses, even if they will not want to run those business themselves. Get to know the prospective business partner until there is trust, and use contacts and corporate knowledge to accelerate the growth.

7) To encourage people to work together, in Economic Empowerment Groups. A united group or organisation can make a real improvement in  businesses, careers and in family life.