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A Successful Black Person is a Super Hero. May the journey get easier.


There is an extra wow factor and awe when a successful black person tells their story. Because everyone (black, brown, yellow or white) knows that this individual has had to go through the hell to reach to the top.

They may have started from poverty or an insecure middle class upbringing – and endured put downs, disbelief, thieving contracts, racism, insults and police stops yet still managed to get there through shear talent and persistence and perhaps a sprinkling of luck. And yes all this while working 10 times harder than the next white star.

But everyone has pain and suffering in life – I hear you say. Yes, but… I can’t even be bothered to explain.

You did not see the tears, the backstabbing, the name-calling, the times with no food and almost no friends, the instant look of disdain in certain sectors of society on a black skin. Black Stars have had to muster great strength to pursue their ambitions, looking neither to the right, nor to the left but straight ahead to the goal. They are living superheroes to have made it. Believe it and Appreciate.

Protect them Lord and may many others follow in their footsteps – but can it be easier next time round?

Picture Source: http://worldofblackheroes.com/