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Gabrielle – Congrats on "Being Mary Jane"


I am a fan of “Being Mary Jane”  As an adult I appreciate programmes which speak to real life, and feature what I am starved of, Black professional glamour on my TV. Other popular shows on BET are the Wendy Williams Show, The Real Husbands of Hollywood, Bobby Jones Gospel Show, Black Girls Rock,  and The Game, and The Reel and of course the many AWARDs shows. There are also exclusive documentaries and interviews with entertainers such as Le twins and The Message.  Yes, BET, give us more of the above, BUT… we want more.  And well done to Garbielle Union.

Being Mary Jane has sasiness, intrigue, beautiful women, handsome men, affairs, fantastic homes, money, family troubles, professional matters, media, lies, deceit, broke relatives, great clothes and all the stuff we have enjoyed from Dallas and Dynasty in the 1980s and 1980s.  Yes, I want more of this. Rock On BET.  The only sad thing, is that we in the UK have to wait for ages until the series arrives here.
When looking at the star of the show – Gabrielle Union one sees a strong intelligent brown-skinned black woman.  When researching her back story you realise she has been through much, and it has caused her to be a mighty powerful  presence on our screens.  You wonder how comes she is not as big as Jennifer Lawrence or Meryl Streep. Has her race really held her back? Should she not have a number of Oscars and Golden Globes under her belt?
I would imagine that on the set of “Being Mary Jane” she has an input in the script and the styling, to keep it real and high brow, but yet down to earth, educational and entertaining.
See below a video of a speech by this special lady. (published December 2013)
“It’s easy to Pretend to be Fierce and Fearless, because Living your truth takes real Courage….. Be Happy, and not just SAY you are Happy”