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Despite its natural resources, Africa is the world’s poorest continent, and every third African does not have enough food.

Many African countries are affected by a precipitation change with alternating floods and recurring draughts; especially in northern and southern Africa the rain does not fall in the way it used to, and the crops do not grow the way they used to. Climate changes continually make it more and more difficult to feed the continent’s 900 million inhabitants.

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The Effects of Poverty in Africa

povery in africa

Poverty in Africa is the sole cause of hunger, disease, aids and squalor. One cannot talk about poverty and its effects on the African continent without taking a look at the roots of the problem. European colonialism and the scramble for Africa were partly to blame. But the world has changed and African countries are now independent nations, so one can now charge that African leaders are now responsible for the poverty problem throughout the African continent.

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Ronald McDonald House Charities Partners with The Hunger Project


Over 7 million children will die this year before reaching their fifth birthday — most are from developing countries and their deaths are largely preventable.

The most basic health interventions can mean survival. Among those interventions are vaccination against pneumonia and diseases that cause diarrhea — the leading global killers of children — as well as improving nutrition and sanitation, bolstering child health, and preventing transmission of disease.

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Will Nigeria’s Good Financial Forecast Boost International Trade?


While the news has caused much debate, theInternational Monetary Fund (IMF) has announced that Nigeria is now the third fastest growing economy in the world.

“Nigeria’s expanding economy has been very positive news in recent years. Nigeria is the economic heart of west Africa, and like sub-Saharan Africa as a whole, its macroeconomics are undeniable,” says Joel Patenaude, managing partner at J2 Partners Inc., who has worked in financial services in Nigeria since 2009, points out.

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iZania: Connecting the people of Africa via the Internet


According to Roger E. P. Madison, Jr. founder and CEO of , the business oriented social networking site for African Americans, it’s not a matter of choosing between online social networking and networking face to face.  Business owners and other professionals should do both, he says.

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Center helps African immigrants succeed


MINNEAPOLIS — Hussein Samatar, one of Minnesota’s most improbable bankers, hung a new shingle in Minneapolis towards the end of last year.

Samatar, a Somali refugee who 15 years ago was struggling to learn English at the nearby Franklin Library, is moving his African Development Center(ADC) staff of eight into the refurbished former North Country Co-op building in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood, an immigrant crossroads since working-poor Scandinavians flocked to the area generations ago.

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The for-profit sector steps up to play its role in Africa’s economic development.


Making the Business Case for Africa

The for-profit sector steps up to play its role in Africa’s economic development.

Where are the builders of tomorrow’s Africa? That’s a crucial issue for anyone interested in global economic development. It was also the specific question up for discussion at the daylong Stanford Africa Forum held March 2 at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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TransAfrica, Inc.


Introducing TransAfrica.

TransAfrica Forum is a research, education, and advocacy center dedicated to global justice for the African World.

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Africare, Inc


Africare is a Four-Star Rated, African-American founded development organization that improves the quality of life of people in Africa.

More than 95% of our project staff are African, and 94 cents of every dollar we receive goes directly to project implementation.

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Liberians Welcome Nobel Award For President Sirleaf As A Boost For Peace


Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, enthusiastically welcomed the Nobel Peace Prize award on Friday, describing it as recognition for years of fighting for democracy in her country. The announcement comes just days before Sirleaf seeks re-election for a second five-year term next Tuesday.

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