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Black Business Investment Fund (BBIF)


The Black Business Investment Fund of Central Florida (BBIF), a nonprofit organization was established in 1987 and began operations in 1988 in Central Florida. The organization, certified by the State of Florida as a Black Business Investment Corporation (BBIC), is one of eight BBICs established out of Florida’ statute, the Florida Small and Minority Business Act of 1985 to provide loans to Black-owned businesses.

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Buying Black: An Ebony Experiment


Uploaded on May 3, 2009
Buying Black: An Ebony Experiment
A Chicago couple vows to buy only from black-owned businesses for an entire year. They call it an empowerment experiment. But is it racist? VIDEO

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Bootstraps to Laces – Economic Empowerment


Uploaded on Jun 4, 2010

“FROM BOOTSTRAPS TO LACES”: ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT CONFERENCE Recession Proofing Ourselves By Re-Energizing Our Entrepreneurial Spirit: The Self-Sufficiency. VIDEO

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Why support black businesses?



Every person can support a black owned business without seeming biased?  After the initial curiosity when a new business opens, are you in it for the long haul? As a customer, will you  support, no matter what or  are you looking for the earliest exit point.  This is where a member of staff upsets you and  you quickly decide never to visit again.

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