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Our Mission Statement
B.E. Informed.  
      B. E. Inspired
             A. C. E. Success

Thank you for visiting this site. www.blackeconomics.co.uk  has a  Focus on Wealth, Poverty, Business and Finance among Black individuals and  Communities.  We explore Economic Matters as pertaining to people of Colour around the world.  Be Informed. Be Inspired.

We want all visitors to this website to Be Inspired.  We want to Accelerate Commercial and Economic Success among those who for too long have been insulted, mistreated, not promoted, not hired, downtrodden, abused, ignored, cast aside, kicked and assumed nothing good would come from the black race.  For people who have the audacity to think like the person who said to a giant like Lebron James – Shut up and Dribble…  Here we come.

This site is for white people and Asian people also to take a window into the black world.

About Black Economics 

This website also brings to you articles and news about black entrepreneurs, business success, business ideas and how to documents. This website also brings you problems, and issues which need solving.  If you are ever at a loss of what to do in your life – bigger problems than yours need to be fixed.

On this site you will also find a directory, of Businesses owned or part-owned by African Americans, Africans, Caribbeans and people of African diaspora.  Yes, too many people assume that we don’t own businesses, and that apart from Jay Z, Beyonce, P. Diddy and Rihanna and 10 others,  we don’t have a business mind.  There are hundreds of thousands of black-owned businesses and products.  We only have a small portion of these in our directory.  Please Support, Patronise and Visit their websites often.

The Black Economics Website was first uploaded in 2005, following the Katrina Hurricane in New Orleans, USA; and the Race riots in Birmingham, UK of October 2005. These two events caused us to puzzle at the wealth of America (including many African Americans) compared with the poverty displayed following the floods; and also to puzzle about the  politics and economics of  widespread Asian ownership of hair and beauty retail shops in Birmingham, UK – patronised 100% by black people.

Though we cannot change history, we might be able to influence the future.  We appreciate the support of all races, religions and cultures.

Our focus

Examine Wealth and Poverty, and the general Economic Status of black people around the world.  Use this knowledge and solid business principles  to reduce poverty, and accelerate wealth in the diaspora.

How can we make a change?

BlackEconomics is a focus on economic development within the African diaspora in the UK, USA and Canada and other countries. It is our opinion that given the talent, brain-power and wealth of resources within the black world, our progress as a race can be accelerated.

We do not subscribe to the concept that we are continually at the bottom of the pile. Great wealth is not the preserve of the Anglo Saxon man or woman or the Asian man or the Russian. There are great things happening around the world in black communities,  and we want to use this site to demonstrate this and inspire others to attain greater things. Additionally we want to showcases black businesses, and encourage all people to support them.

The information on this site is useful for any race, culture or nationality. It’s good to be aware of what is going on in your world.

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Topics covered on this site include

  • the historical and current analysis of the economic and social status of the African diaspora;
  • the exploration of economic successes and failures;
  • examination of the global economy;
  • highlighting obstacles to development in the black world; noting the lack of investment in knowledge;
    and lack of funds; corruption; crime and exploitation;
  • reviewing the progress (if any) made by black non-governmental organisations including churches; civil rights groups, socio-political groups and investment clubs.

Suggest a black business, organisation or top black professional to be featured on this site

Email: info@blackeconomics.co.uk



The name of this website was inspired by the book “Black Economics” by Jawanza Kunjufu.

The book is a micro and macro-analysis of economic conditions in the black community which explores:

a) why black people earn only 61 percent of a white person’s income, and this figure is falling

b) why most black people prefer to maintain a ‘good job’ rather than own and operate their own businesses, and

c) why African American consumers in the USA only spend 3 percent of their one trillion dollars in black businesses.

If that 3% was increased to even 20% would that not make a huge difference to the survival rate of many black businesses, and raising the economic status of the black community as a whole.

Jawanza Kunjufu. came to the UK to speak at the Black Economics ACE Conference in May 2018.

May this website inspire you to Make a Difference.