ACES Conference 2018

Accelerate Commercial and Economic Strength

Saturday 24th November, 2018

Venue: Epainos Ministries, Lichfield Road, Bow, E3 5AT.  Time: 10am – 4.30pm

(Nearest Station: Mile End underground,  Buses: D6, 25, 425, 277)

A Conference for people keen to see the Economic advancement of a Community.  Suitable for All, including Present and future Business owners, Entrepreneurial mindsets, and people with strong career ambitions, Professionals, and Individuals looking for connections,  opportunities and new ideas.

This will be an inspirational day.  All are welcome.

A BUSINESS, lifestyle AND MONEY EVENT with a mini exhibition

Tickets – £20,  (£12 concessions) 




Hosted by Mavis Amankwah

Mavis Amankwah is a British-Ghanaian entrepreneur, businesswoman and diversity ambassador, specialising in marketing, public relations, diversity communications and business start up & sustainability.  Amankwah has been featured in over 200 press titles including, the Telegraph,The Voice, The Guardian, PR week.  She owns several businesses, and with Richvisionssb she has been able to raise a total of over Seven million pounds in funding for entrepreneurs.

Alvin Kofi – visual artist

Renowned Professional Artist shares his story and provides an overview of the  Art world and life of an Artist.  How to invest in Art or become an artist yourself?

Alvin Kofi is one of the leading UK Black artists having produced the first independent commercial prints collection.  Working across a variety of media, his talents show a strong graphic execution, but he quite comfortably plays with the more traditional media of oils, acrylic and mixed media. He displays the present day dilemmas of diaspora Africans in the narratives of his work.


Fulgence Niamba – Visual Artist

London-based Fulgence Niamba graduated from the School of Fine Arts of Abidjan and Paris, and also from the University of Paris 8. A lecturer in visual arts, he has taught in England, Ivory Coast and France, where he contributed immensely to the development of many teachers and artists.

Fulgence promotes Peace through visual arts as the founder and curator of the extremely popular biennial, UNESCO’s Art For Peace Exhibition in Paris.  He works tirelessly to promote visual arts, and encourages a public awareness of Black Art.


Thabo Ngara – Mwanini Tech Business

Thabo offers Database Development and Big Data Solutions.  He manipulates data which is exponentially growing from feeds such as social media, electronic mail and documents stored online for AI purposes.  With an ever growing appetite for data Thabo’s company Mwanini offer Big Data Solutions that can work seamlessly with applications.

Hailing from Zimbabwe, Thabo gives a report on the political and economic situation in  Zimbabwe. A land full of natural resources, how can the country turn around its arrested development.

William de Torvy-Ballou

William de Torvy-Ballou has founded the Tech company which provides a variety of services including Mobile App Testing, Blockchain dApp and Smart Contract Testing. While dtbcarbyn have particular expertise in the FinTech and Banking sector – the team is able to great powerful tech products for any industry.

Alfred Samuels – Health & Prostrate Cancer Expert. 

Former bodyguard to Beyonce and a host of other stars shares his amazing story.  He was given 6 months, and he is still with 7 years later doing some astonishing works to help others.  This is Faith and works in Action.

Kubi Springer – She Builds Brands Ltd

Kubi Springer is a dynamic Brand Specialist with 20 years experience in consumer brand marketing. Kubi has since delivered campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world. Her resume includes: Rolls Royce Motor Cars, Nike, Blackberry, L’Oreal Professional, Wella Professional, Justin Timberlake, Manchester United Footballer Rio Ferdinand, MercedesBenz Fashion Week, Sex & the City, MOBO Awards, and Blue Flame (Diddy’s Marketing and Advertising Agency) in New York, to name but a few.

Nubian Jak
– Black History Knowledge Session

Jak Beula of Nubian Jak is an innovator, an inventor and historian.  He founded the charities Nubian Jak Community Trust, and is responsible for installing over 30 blue plaques around the country.  Last year he spear-headed the installing of the  African and Caribbean War Memorial in Windrush Square, Brixton – raising the funds to make it happen.

Sharon Gordon – Money Matters

Sharon Gordon is an Executive Career Coach , Financial Services Introducer and Personal Development Practitioner Co owner of Hamper Queens Ltd – corporate events, rewards and gifts services.  She is also Co-Founder of Dream Success Ltd &Dream Success TV Young Dragon Slayers – enterprise programme Awakening the Genius in You. 

Daryl Harper
– Making a Financial Difference

At a very young age Daryl started his life shadowing his father on a building site and was always encouraged by him to either go into business or become an athlete.

Daryl’s passion for mentoring, equipping and coaching has grown as he realised that there was much more he could do to make a greater impact. Through his experience as a teacher he noticed that there was nowhere in the educational system that empowered people in the area of finance and that this was a MASSIVE gap.

He is a dynamic, energetic, infectious speaker, who always delivers from the heart and aims to provoke his audience into taking the positive actions required to achieve their goals and dreams.


Nana Evans – Selling with Success online and offline.

Nana Evans created her business –  Love YaaYaa in 2014.  Love YaaYaa was created because the high street stores were not providing a range of sizes or styles of leather belts.   She struggled to find a leather obi belt that would fit her so she made a Black leather belt and added a strip of Kente from Ghana in West Africa.

Nana wore the belt to a gorgeous event and received so many compliments thought she must make these available to everybody. Now with sales in six figures, and more than 11000 items sold on Etsy alone,  Nana shares how it’s done.


Afua Ofosuhene – Co-Founder Hub & Culture

Afua was instrumental in setting up Hub and Culture – an extra-ordinary co-operative where 28 small business owners have put together to rent a shop on the High Street in Peckham, South London.  It works very well, and customers are treated with respect and “love” when they enter.  Items sold include fashion, wellness products, art, baskets, jewellery, craft items and more.  Afua will share with the conference how this Hub and Culture  came about and how you could get involved with a similar scheme for business.


Sheldon Thomas – Founder of Gangsline

Sheldon is hailed as a leading expert in gang culture and offers training to the Home Office, NHS and the police on gang culture and violence.  He founded gangsline which is an emergency call service for teens and children worried about gangs and threats.  Sheldon and his team  engage directly with gang leaders and members and using a ‘no holds barred’, yet spiritual, approach to changing young people’s lives.

A former gang member himself in the 1970s, Sheldon realised he had to change. The late Bernie Grant MP saw potential in Sheldon and offered to mentor him. In the subsequent years Sheldon used his new found focus as he travelled around the world to find answers. In the United States he met civil rights activist Jesse Jackson. Jesse has also mentored Sheldon.

Sheldon has taken a diploma in Economics and a BA hons degree in Marketing and Statistics.  He is able to speak strongly about how the black community can Accelerate Commercial and Economic Strength.


Camilita Nuttall is the World’s #1 ‘Rock Star’ International Speaker, Founder of Event of Champions®, a 7-Time ‘Award Winning’ Corporate Sales & Business Growth Expert, Executive Business Mentor, Entrepreneur, Author & Property Investor. She has been Quoted in #Forbes, BBC Business News and Think Grow Rich 4 Women

From the most humble of beginnings, Camilita is an epic success story to be emulated. Camilita is author of 3 books. She works with Corporates as well as small busines owners,  to increase their PR & profit and create workable systems through strategic planning.

A top sales expert for 7 years in Europe, Camilita engineered a major sales
force of thousands in 30+ countries and did over $20 Million in sales.

As founder of Event of Champions®, Camilita also brings together high profile people to deliver valuable content that promotes success, so attendees leave armed with tools to immediately increase their wealth, gain
prestigious recognition and grow their newfound network of high profile individuals.