Home Event – Funding for Organisations. What Grant Funders look for and How to Apply.

Event – Funding for Organisations. What Grant Funders look for and How to Apply.

Would you like funding for your ideas/ projects? You probably have an idea or know someone with great ideas.  You don’t need to be struggling for finance to make things happen.  There are hundreds of funding bodies who are giving away money for good causes.

You don’t need to be struggling for finance to make things happen, nor do you need to spend your own funds.
We are putting on an event on Monday 16th September at 6pm to 8.30pm.  This event will focus on real fundraising opportunities.   The guest speaker is  Kit Showande who has raised over half a million pounds in total for numerous projects.

This event shows you how to access those funds.

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This Event is suitable for any of the following:

Community Organisations


Faith groups

Sports Projects

Educational Activities

Arts Organisation

Theatre Groups

Event Organisers

Youth Groups

or an Individual doing something alone who wants to make an impact with a good project.

Grow your idea with Funds
Get funding for the things you care about… we give practical strategies & solutions to improving your chances. We even help you to meet funders to learn more. The aim of this event is to lift you towards clarity.
Kit from Aspire 4 U will teach about how grant funding works and how funders see you and your project.
He is helping organisations overcome their barriers. Funders are seeking more diversity in their grant recipients but also want higher quality applications from newer organisations.
By the end of this event  we promise improved mindsets, clarity, tips, networking connections, support, motivation and a targeted lists of funds that YOU will apply for.


Here are some Ideas you can raise funds for:

Host a talent show
Run Courses
Start a Community Choir
Offer self development courses for unemployed
Run events for young people
Put on an Art Show
Teach Fashion, and put on a fashion show
Put on a play or concert
Offer training in a craft for local people
Organise volunteers for a community project
Create a short film
Interview senior citizens
Refurbish a building for community use.
Teach Art
Teach Music and the music business
Provide Mentorship and Direction for young people
Provide a Bridge Building Scheme for estranged Fathers and Children
Support the work of an existing Community Organisation
Set up a New Charity or Community Group


This event is facilitated by Aspire4U – a Community Interest Company.   Aspire4U CIC’s mission is to support and engage communities to create better futures. They have been established since 2009.
This event is hosted by UpTechMDS and Black Economics.
You are invited to attend.

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