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EEGroup Networking Event

The Next Economic Empowerment Group Meeting will be held on
Monday 29th April, 2013, 7.30pm

Cost £10 per person - Event only
£18 - Meal inclusive on the night.

The Maroons Restaurant
514 Commercial Road
Limehouse, London E1 0HY
Speakers & Discussing Progress/Business ideas

Email for More Info... or
Telephone: 07450 331 942


Other Recent Events
The ACE Conference

Black Economics Inaugural Conference
- (ACE)
Accelerate Commercial & Economic Growth
Date: Held - Saturday, 12 May, 2012,
10am to 6pm

Conference Report & Action Plan is now Available in the Members Area





Gangs and Economics - A personal experience and escape

Jeff Letz shares his experiences as a youth, and how he managed to become a success today.

A People strive to be the BEST they can be. - A radical note to black people.

A message to shake up. Enough of living in the past, and expecting things to come easy.

Gangs and Economics, Can we make a change....

Gangs and Drugs, a Shortlived career

The Gangs situation is real in many neighbourhoods. Some eventually escape but too many end up in in prison, in hospital, or dead.

Greetings for a new exciting year again 2012.

Black Economics encouragement for a new year.
Move up the Ladder.
Make the Year brilliant



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Feeback about this Site

Stephen777: Feb 24, 2012
I have never seen a website like this one. Your website encourages me as an American black man to reach higher and persevere in my efforts to "make it" in this world. Your content is amazing and very comprehensive. I also love how you showcase successful blacks from around the world. Keep up the good work.

DragonflyKingdom: Feb 21, 2012
The colors and layout on your site is very appealing. I feel the large amount of resources will be very valuable to people visiting or searching for those specific keywords realted to your site. Your black business directory is good for people who want to support the business efforts of people of color.

JOE-LAND-E: Feb 19, 2012
Great site. The idea of making a site to gather the resources of black people is genial. I am white none the less I like your site. It has a professional look, inviting to navigate, very informative. I will recommend your site to my friends and wishing you well.

More feedback....



How Food Aid ends up in the hands of billion-dollar companies

And you thought all the money was going to feed the hungry...

Black Hair and Beauty Supply in the US..

The issues in the US, with black people not benefiting from the sale of products, only they use. Sounds familiar.

Little Africa in Paris

French blacks - How are they perceived?

A view of blacks in France. It is the European country with the most black people residing there. Second is the UK.

Is aid still hurting Africa?

It is meant for good, and people who give have their hearts in the right place... but....

Haiti - 2 years on - There has been some progress, but its too slow to make a difference for half a million who remain in Tent cities. Why?


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Top 10 Black Women in Business (US)

Role Models with fascinating back stories.

Black Economics Response to the GUILTY verdict

Gang members finally convicted of the murder of Stephen Lawrence

Black Economics Response to Nick Clegg Speech 24/11/2011

Magic Johnson's Foundation teaches young minorities how to start businesses, and how to get along. He employs 3000 people in many franchises as well as unique businesses.

Solutions for a Better Education

Parents need to follow these Twelve Commandments for GUARANTEED EDUCATIONAL IMPROVEMENTS.

Black Businesses in London

How did the land lie 10 years ago? The Mayor of London at the time - Ken Livingston commissioned a report on black and minority owned businesses in the the UK capital city.


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