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ACE Conference 2012 - Report
  • Overview Report
  • Dr Jawanza Kunjufu
  • Paul Ifayomi Grant
  • Lee Jasper
  • Action Jackson
  • Other Speakers

  • Action Plan ACE 2012

  • EE Groups Minutes/Notes

  • Launch Seminar 18/11/2011 Report

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  • Top 21 ways to make REAL money
  • How NOT to waste Time!
  • Black Business Finance
  • How to start a business!

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  • Time Management by the Hour
  • Time Management by the week
  • Outline Finance Documents for a Business
  • Excel Template for Financials in a Business Plan

Business Articles

  • How Food Aid money ends up in the arms of billion dollar companies
  • Asians control the black hair and beauty industry. Why?

Featured Black Businesses


  • Black Entrepreneurs pitch to Silicon Valley
  • JP Morgan owns stake in Ebony/Jet Magazines

Black Business - Case Studies

  • Mono Millionaires


The ACE Fund - Accelerating Commerical and Economic Growth - Raising Funds for Black Entrepreneurs; and Employment programmes.

Why the ACE Fund?


  • ACE Fund - Update
  • ACE Fund Application Forms
  • ACE Funding Event

  • ACE Fund Impact




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