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Africa produces a wide range of gemstomes. See the article…  Gems from Africa

Nowadays, the big carats of gems are displayed as top-one treasures of the jewelry store, and those top diamonds are bought out directly by collectors and gemstones without being distributed through the market, and can only be seen at auction houses and exhibitions. Let’s take a look at the high-priced jewelry.

This oval diamond ring is the collection of Hollywood’s famous actress Ellen Barkin. Although its inlay is small and simple, the diamond is very large and weighs 22.76 carats. The original auction price of a diamond was as high as 1.81 million US dollars, which is also one of the most expensive diamond rings.

This necklace of many diamonds is very beautiful, and it is not easy to combine the same size diamonds into a diamond necklace. This diamond necklace is worth $17,659,731. The owner of the necklace is also very noble, she is the personal collection of Princess Margaret, the sister of the Queen Elizabeth II.

The bright blue diamond is very rare, so this pillow-shaped bright blue diamond has become one of the ten most expensive jewels in the world. It weighs 6.01 carats and is set with round pink diamonds on the left and right sides. The design makes this diamond ring very characteristic, and the color is also very pleasing. At the auction, this diamond ring created the highest unit price record, and the transaction price reached 10 million US dollars.

The brooch of this bow is very finely designed. It is an antique-grade jewelry with French romantic design elements. It is designed by French jeweler François Kramer. Her owner also has very precious identity, it is Queen Eugenia. This antique brooch was auctioned back to France by the Louvre and sold for $10.5 million. It has now been treasured.

The famous movie star Elizabeth Taylor has a precious pearl necklace, which is also her favorite jewelry. In 2011, this necklace was auctioned for more than 4 million US dollars. This pearl necklace is exquisite in both its use and design, the inlaid ruby ​​embellished on the pearl jewelry is very layered and extremely luxurious.

How can there not mention Cartier, especially the most representative Cartier cheetah, this Cartier diamond cheetah bracelet is specially tailored for the famous Duchess of Windsor, become the myth of Cartier history, the price of the bracelet is 1.27 million US dollars.

Ruby is one of the five most prestigious gemstones in the world. This ruby ​​ring called “Hope Ruby” is particularly eye-catching. The whole ring weighs 32.08 carats. It is a pigeon egg ring that used to be the billionaire Lily Safra’s most cherished jewelry, which was later sold at a high price of $6.7 million in 2011, it also let people fascinates the elegance of this top-quality ruby ​​ring, such big carat ruby ​​is rare.

Pearls have been active in the jewelry stage since ancient times. Especially the royal queens and princesses of the royal family love pearl jewelry. This set of Harry Winston natural pearls is very similar. Friends who bought pearls know that one pearl is not strange, but it is very rare to have a set of pearls that are similar in color and size. This set of pearl jewelry has about 193 natural pearls and 166 diamonds. It is said that this set of jewelry is sold for $31,360,932.

As one of the most beautiful diamonds in the diamond, pink diamonds are also a black horse at the auction, this diamond weighs 24.78 carats, and the auction price is between $27 million and $38 million. The diamond is not only very bright, but the most important one is very rare, so the future appreciation space is unlimited.

Heart shape is a girl’s favorite, heart-shaped diamond necklace is extremely rare, and this uniquely designed full-heart diamond necklace is the jewelry of Princess Salimah Aga Khan called “Belum Blue”. Diamonds weigh 13.78 carats, and such necklaces are unique in the world.

These precious gems are the treasures that nature gives to human beings. Although most of them are privately owned, they do not prevent us from enjoying the beauty. If we can’t afford it, you can see it. The purpose of jewelry is to appreciate a different kind of exciting beauty.

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