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The Founders

Quick Facts about the Founder

BlackEconomics.co.uk was founded in 2005.

It was created by a mother and two daughters. Dawn Grant, Leila Grant  and Ruby Grant.

Dawn is a former school teacher who was Head of IT at a large  High School in North London.  She is now a Web Designer and Publisher, and created blackeconomics.co.uk as a way to showcase the best of black talent, discuss issues,encourage entrepreneurship and supporting of black owned businesses,  and form a black business directory.  The site is designed to be informative, entertaining, and motivating.  Visitors are invited to use it as  a research portal.

Leila  is a Business Analyst working for a Fin Tech Firm in the City of London.  Her ambition is to start up several businesses later in life.  She is currently two-thirds the way through her ACA Accountancy qualifications.

Ruby is a student at University,  studying Law.   She is also a part-time model.

Black Economics is assisted by part-time staff with research, updates and database administration.

Several writers have agreed to include their writing on the website, or write specifically for Black Economics.

The organisation has an Advisory Board, consisting of Independent Business Owners, in the field of Technology, Sales, Education, Hair & Beauty and Marketing.

In her spare time, Dawn is also an author, who has written 20 books.  Most are available  on Amazon.  Book Titles include “Three Minute Health”, “Longevity”, “Wheatgrass”, “Where’s the Father”, “How not to Run a Restaurant”, “Start Writing Today” and “Modern Book of Poetry”.

D.S. Grant’s Author Page on Amazon, is here… https://www.amazon.co.uk/D.-S.-Grant/e/B0034PNQA4/ref=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1

The family were all born and raised in London, England.

As a child, Dawn lived for a few years in the Caribbean, before returning to England.  Dawn has visited  Africa, America and mainland Europe several times.

Dawn also creates websites and carries out digital marketing for others via the sister website UpwardsPublishing.co.uk

BEAAR – was set up is a limited company.  Black Economic Aspirations, Achievement & Recognition Ltd.
The plans for the business and its charitable arm Black Economics Foundation are Ambitious.
Can we positively affect  the economic well-being of 10,000 people annually?  And can this figure be increased over time?

Our Aim

The aim of the BlackEconomics.co.uk website is to help Inform, Inspire and Change lives.

Our Mission Statement

B.E. Informed.  
      B. E. Inspired
           Make a Plan
                  Take Action
                                    A. C. E. Success
Leila, Dawn and Ruby