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Why so Young? Why some African Populations have a short Lifespan?

Here we examine the reasons for low life expectancy.   Low Availability of clean water. As high as 45% of the people in Sub Saharan Africa...

Kibera Examined

Kibera: Nairobi's Biggest Slum Challenges the Development Narrative Kibera is home to between 150k to one million people. The population is transient and undocumented so...

High black poverty a shame in the U.S. of A.

Regional Insights: High black poverty a shame By Harold D. Miller The Pittsburgh region has received many accolades over the past year for its high quality...

Kenya's slum dwellers versus the elite

Sick of their living conditions, Nairobi's poorest are suing their plutocrat landlords for the right to their land DANIEL HOWDEN WEDNESDAY 26 SEPTEMBER 2012 When bulldozers came...