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Why Coronavirus is Affecting Black People More Than Others.

By D S GrantFirst published 16 April, 2020 The effect the coronavirus has on minority communities is just the latest consequence...

Blacks Spending on Leisure

Charismaallover’s Weblog05/03/2008Black Economics, How much money did OUR BLACK people spend on necessities and leisure time in 2004 African...

Black People have to help themselves

In this age of recession, it is the ethnic minorities and the poor who get hit hardest. They are less likely to...

Black people in prison

Incarceration Nation - USATue, 04/05/2011 - 19:50 — Linn Washington, Jr.Mass Black incarceration is a kind of “punitive backlash” against the gains of...

Do We Need Black People On Our Banknotes?

The writer: Afua Hirsch Usually, when a new campaign to rectify our national failure to acknowledge black ingenuity in building modern Britain comes along, I...