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Summer Retreats

A) Young people are invited to a Summer Retreat.  Suitable for ages 16 to 19, and 20 – 25.
Date: Monday to Friday, 6th – 10th August

B) Send younger people on a Summer Camp.  Suitable for ages 11 to 15.
Date: Monday to Friday,  13th to 17th August

Leave from London on Monday at 10am.   Leave from Birmingham at 12 noon.
Return back to London , early evening on Friday.

This event will give  young people a chance to stretch themselves, and discover their real potential.   It may help some to make new life choices,  redress some  issues and move forward with a clean slate. It provides access to mentors, career guidance coaches, motivators as well as skills tutors and celebrity talks.

A gift pack will be given for attendees to take away with them after the event, and contact will be maintained where the young person requests this.



The events are an activity laden  holiday in Wales, UK.

With several activities over 5 days, the young people make new friends and experience new things.  They will become more adventurous, generous, confident and ambitious.  They receive mentoring and guidance on career paths and hobbies.

Activities will include: (some activities are optional)

Motivational Speakers
Quad biking
Guided Mountain Walks
Treetop climbing
Fashion Design
Jewellery Making
Celebrity Talk
Reading & Review
Games Tournaments
Creative & Determined
Leadership Training
Black History
Product Creation & Selling
Talent Contests
Fitness Training
Health & First Aid
Self Esteem Building
Charitable Works
Film Night
Performance Night
Audio Book Creation
Ebook & Printed Book Creation
One-to-One Conversations
Web Design
Tech Ideas
Apps Development
Meditation and/or Prayer
Horse Riding
Seaside visit

Making Champions
Our target is to enable young people to be confident champions and to help their friends and family make a stronger impact in their world.    All activities are taught or monitored by qualified professionals.  Workers & Volunteers are dbs checked, and the events are fully insured.


Book a place now

The events are now open for booking.  Please note this is a first booked, first come, first served situation.

£295  per person

Summer Retreat (16 – 25 yrs)


Summer Camp (11 – 15 yrs)

£99 to reserve a space for one person. (Balance of £196 is to be paid before 1st July 2018.)
Staged payments of £99 per month is allowable.


Deposit – Summer Camp (11-15 yrs)


Deposit – Summer Retreat (16 – 25 yrs)


Please note this is a subsidised cost.  The true cost for each person is almost 3 times this amount, but sponsorship and fundraising is enabling a cheaper price for attendees.

Get involved

There are several ways to get involved with our work.

For further information, please email, info@blackeconomics.co.uk