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This directory illustrates the breadth of Entrepreneurship among Black people.  You are invited to visit the listed websites and support. BUY something.

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Business NameBusiness TypeWeblinkCountryBusiness Sector
Radcliffe Bailey Artist Sculptor & Collages www.artsy.net/artist/radcliffe-bailey USA Art/Artists/Creatives
Kyle Baker Artist Cartoonist octobergallery.com/2016/02/16/kyle-john-baker/ USA Art/Artists/Creatives
Darrin Bell Artist Cartoonist darrinbell.com/ USA Art/Artists/Creatives
Dawoud Bey Artist Photographer www.art2art.org/dawoud-bey-harlem-usa.html USA Art/Artists/Creatives
Sanford Biggers Artist Multidisciplinary Artist sanfordbiggers.com/ USA Art/Artists/Creatives
McArthur Binion Artist Painter www.artsy.net/artist/mcarthur-binion USA Art/Artists/Creatives
Thomas Blackshear Artist Painter thomasblackshearart.com/ USA Art/Artists/Creatives
Chakaia Booker Artist Sculptor www.artnet.com/artists/chakaia-booker/ USA Art/Artists/Creatives
The Honey Bunch Kids Media - Journalism twitter.com/hollyglover89 UK Media, News, Web Portals & Print
Valorie Burton Unlimited Media - Journalism valorieburton.com/ UK Media, News, Web Portals & Print
elle Danielle Photography Photographers elledanielle.com/ UK Art, Artists, Creatives
Gennex Energy www.gennex.info/about-us UK Real Estate & Property Maintenance
Metro Design Designing and Building www.metrodesign.co.uk/metro-group.php USA Real Estate & Property Maintenance
Roughton Group Building www.roughton.com/ UK Real Estate & Property Maintenance
Shoreline Energy International Energy www.shoreline-group.com/ UK Real Estate & Property Maintenance
Michael Lloyd Associates Architects michaellloyd.co.uk/ UK Real Estate & Property Maintenance
Paul Henry Architects Architects paulhenryarchitects.com/ UK Real Estate & Property Maintenance
Timothy Associates Architects timothy.co.uk/home.html UK Real Estate & Property Maintenance
Bespoke Homes Jamaica Limited Property Construction and Sales www.bespokehomesjamaica.com/ USA Real Estate & Property Maintenance
Ark Construction Services Limited Construction and Property Services www.gtm.co.uk/ USA Real Estate & Property Maintenance

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