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It is our plan to produce a print version of sections of this website.  The magazine will contain business stories and how.. to.. information.  It will also contain economic news from around the world.

We seek sponsors and advertisers to make this happen.  See pricing below.  Advertising will include advertising on this website.  The first magazine will appear in 2020.


To advertise on the website, please purchase below at the top half of the table.  Ads can be bought at any time.


Sections which can be sponsored include: Youth, Technology, Entertainment, Sport, Manufacturing, Lifestyle, Health, Fashion, Food, Black Poverty, Education, Video/Audio, The Business Directory.  Sections can be sponsored on the website or in the magazine.

MAGAZINE ADVERTISING (Print version and online version)

Purchase below at the lower half of the table.  The Magazine Frequency is Quarterly
The First Edition will be published  in 2020

For more information about the Magazine, please download our Media Pack

Any problems with booking, please call or email to discuss.  A telephone order can be taken, and an invoice or pay link sent.

Magazine Ad Space
Website Ads Unlimited Impressions Cost per
Magazine Issue
Small Ad, Website Ad. - 1 week. Sizes 468 x 60 or 125 x 125Pay £9

Large Banner. Website Ad. r - 1 week, Sizes 250 x 250 or 780 x 90Pay £15

Small Ad. Website Ad. 10 weeks. Sizes 468 x 60 or 125 x 125Pay £90

10 weeks Large Banner. Website Ad.
Sizes 468 x 60 or 125 x 125
Pay £150

30 weeks, Small Banner. Website Ad. Sizes 250 x 250 or 780 x 90Pay £150

30 weeks. Large Banner Website Ad. Sizes 250 x 250 or 780 x 90Pay £383

SPONSOR a Section for 4 months (on website) or 2 issues of a Magazine. (4 months)Large Banners positioned in Header, Sidebar and within articles.Pay £2500

Where? Web or Magazine
Which Section to Sponsor?

Classified ListingxPay £45

Small Box Displayx Pay £90

1/8 Page Ad plus 4 images in Catalogue Section in MagazineSmall banner. Website Ad. 125 x 125. 10 weeksPay £360

Quarter Page Ad in Magazine, plus Catalogue product listing Medium Banner. Website Ad. (468 x 60) on Website. 10 weeksPay £720

Half Page Ad in Magazine plus Catalogue product listingMedium Banner. Website Ad. (468 x 60) on Website. 10 weeksPay £1350

Whole Page Ad in Magazine.
Social Media Promotion
Large Banner. Website Ad. (728 x 90) 30 weeksPay £2250

Double Page Magazine Ad or Back Page, or Second Page ad
Social Media Promotion
Larger Banner. Website Ad. 250 x 250 Plus Feature on Website. 30 weeksPay £4500

Every purchase, goes towards supporting our work, helping to educate and inspire for a better life,  boost entrepreneurship, increase trade, and reduce poverty.   Thank you.