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James Baldwin on Black Economic Empowerment

Author and civil rights activist James Baldwin goes back to his Deep South roots 25 years after the civil rights movement ended to see...

Economic Empowerment Conference with TD Jakes

Blending The Gospel with Economic Empowerment Messages.  Here is a great example for churches and other religious organisations. VIDEO Bishop Dale C. Bronner, Bishop TD...

Dr Kunjufu speaks about Black Economics part 2

Part 2 of Dr Kunjufu's lecture on Black Economics (August 2011) VIDEO

Dr Kunjufu on Black Economics part 1

Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu (Swahili for dependable and cheerful) is a renowned educator. As president of African American Images (a communications company based in Chicago,...

Malcom X speaks about Black Economics

Malcom X - the original expert on Black Economics. The purpose of this video is for Black people and the oppressed living in America...


A trailer for TV series on the Economics of black communities in Chicago.  Filmed in 2008. VIDEO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOea487Fj0o


  We would like to extend a warm welcome to visitors to this website.  This is the section 2 area of the website.  The original...

Advertise on this Site

Do you want to Advertise on the Black Economics Website. Pay  monthly, quarterly or annually. We will place your  banner on the front page, and on every...

The Ace Fund

  Black Economics is setting up the ACE Fund. To Provide Support, Expert Connections & Funding for Black Businesses. BE ACE stands for Black Economics - Accelerating...


Forthcoming Events Economic Empowerment Group Meeting Networking event. Monday, 29th April, 2013, 7.30 pm held at The Maroons Restaurant, 514 Commercial Road, E1 Just five minutes from Limehouse Station All...