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Black Economic Aspirations and Achievement Recognition

1) Mentoring Youths, Gang Members, Gifted and Talented, Coasting Youths.

Many young people need an additional Adult figure / Father figure or “Auntie” in their lives, and this can help to turn their lives around.  If one responsible adult took on one young person – could it be the project which causes a sea change in young mindsets?  It may mean getting to know the mother or father and helping to build bridges.
Some adults might have the capacity to take on 2 or 3 youngsters, and look out for their wellbeing. 

Volunteers will be  working alongside Sheldon Thomas, founder of Gangsline. Sheldon will provide the necessary training and guidelines.

This is Sheldon’s website – 

gangsline.comThe Management team  involved with this roll out would include Social Workers,Teachers, Entrepreneurs and Community Workers..
Please complete the following form – the link is given below.



Email – info@blackeconomics.co.uk if you want to support fathers..

3) Black Economic Members List –



Use The App BlackBizApp.net

The App Lists over 1200 black owned business.

4) John Lewis Pop Up Store. Want space next year, contact us.

5) Education in Africa – Want to help – contact us.

6) Business Push – in Africa and the Caribbean

7) Mentoring Business – Assist with Growth;

Business Friendship Groups

Provide internship positions.

Do you know someone who needs an internship.

8) Spend Black

Black Friday for us needs to mean Support Black-owned Businesses

ACES 2020 Recommendation

Conference recommendations will be compiled from the contents.

We will email these out to every attendee next week.