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How to Bet on Sports with a Small Budget


Times are tough, with the economy on the rocks and inflation sky high. Some of us want to keep our fun of betting, but without the guilt because money is tight. So, you’re looking for ways to bet on a small budget – and it is possible, but there are some things to be aware of. First, we will start by looking at the best free bets in the UK.

Free bets

Free bets will be your biggest tool when betting on a budget. A free bet is your only risk-free way to make a bet, in which the winnings are up for grabs but you lose nothing in the worst-case scenario. Many people make the mistake of signing up at a bunch of different companies chasing free bet signup offers. This can be fine, but usually they require you to deposit too – so it’s not completely free.

However, some bookies have ongoing free bets that they frequently hand out to their customers via email. This is where you get the really good value, as sometimes you can go weeks without even staking money of your own.

Bankroll management

Your bankroll is essentially the money you keep deposited in your account. So, bankroll management is about how much you bet, and why this amount should be taking into account the wider context of your bankroll.

So, let’s say you have £100 deposited in your betting account. You may decide that you will never bet more than 5% of your bankroll on a given event. This means your next bet should not exceed £5.

Perhaps you’re happier with a 10% limit, and the bankroll itself will depend on the person. The point is, decide on a limit beforehand and stick to it. It’s all about having a strategy and sticking to it, as this will be the best way to avoid emotionally chasing losses and blowing your bankroll in minutes.

Have fun with smaller bets

In theory, it should all be relative. Winning £10 should be as exciting as winning £1000 if that person has 100 times less money. But, this isn’t necessarily how it works – partly because it doesn’t mean we’re in poverty just because we have a small betting budget.

So, you need a way to keep things exciting, with high winnings potential, yet still making small bets. Clearly, the answer here is to bet on things with higher odds, but there are more creative ways to do this. One popular way is to have accumulators, in which multiple outcomes must happen for you to win a single bet. It’s a way of multiplying the odds of several bets together into one.

It’s no fun though if your small budget is blown on highly unlikely outcomes, like on 10000/1 accumulators. There needs to be a balance here, which can be achieved by placing smaller bets on these long odds accumulators, and larger bets on safer bets to ensure your budget doesn’t get blown – but you still have the excitement of watching your accy unfold.