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Advice On How To Make Your Product Look More Attractive And Shelf-ready


If you’re creating your own product and releasing it in stores, then you need to make sure that you polish it and make it look shelf-ready. A product that isn’t visually appealing is less likely to sell. It’s also less likely to draw attention from potential customers.

There are many ways that you can polish your product and make it visually appealing, from carefully designing its packaging to placing it in a strategic position inside the store that it’s being sold in.

This article will give you some advice on how to make your product look more attractive and shelf-ready:

Folding Cartons

If you’re selling beauty products, incense sticks, or candles, then you can use folding cartons to draw attention to your product. Not only are printed folding cartons minimalistic and sleek, but they’re eye-catching and desirable. They can be used to store other items, or they can be kept on the mantle for decoration. Folding cartons are a great way to package smaller products. With folding cartons, you’re able to control every step of the design process and apply your logo to them. They’re definitely something worth looking into, not to mention that they’re cheap.

Keep It Simple

When it comes to packaging your product, make sure that you keep it simple. Minimalistic product packaging is highly desirable. As we mentioned in our last point, your customers will be able to hold onto your product’s packaging and use it as a showpiece on their mantle or bookshelves. They can only do this if you keep your packaging simple and don’t overload it. When you overload your product’s packaging with pictures and writing, it looks cheap. Minimalistic product packaging looks more expensive, so make sure that you keep it simple.

Plan It Yourself

When you’re ordering product packaging online, you’ll have access to thousands (if not tens of) product package templates. If you want to leave a mark on your customers and don’t want to sell a product with generic packaging, then plan it yourself. When you plan your own product packaging, you’re able to design it according to your customers’ wishes. You’re also able to make it more eye-catching, and more unique. Planning your product’s packaging yourself is a sure-fire way to make it more attractive, and more shelf-ready.

Relevant Packaging

Another thing worth doing is keeping your packaging relevant. For example, most big companies have come out in support of political movements like Black Lives Matter, and the LGBTQ cause. If you want to keep your packaging relevant and appeal to today’s youth, then it would be worth including your support for these companies in your packaging. You can do this by adding the individual organisation’s logo to your packaging. You will need to research the legality of including an organisation’s logo on your packaging beforehand, however. For the rainbow flag, this is not necessary. Keeping your packaging relevant to today’s youth is a very effective way of marketing and drawing attention to your product.

Colour Theme

Your product’s colour theme is also very important. If you want your product to be shelf-ready and more attractive, then you need to choose your product and its packaging’s colour theme effectively. If you’re going for a more minimalistic product, then greys, browns, and whites are all acceptable for your product’s packaging. If you want a more striking colour theme, then you should include reds, oranges, and greens. You do need to plan your packaging more carefully if you’re going to use bright colouring, as bright colours can appear gaudy and unattractive.

The Size of Your Packaging

You also need to give serious thought to the size of the packaging that you’re going to put your product in. If you have a larger product, the packaging needs to be large enough to hold the product, and then some. The size of your packaging will determine where it is stored inside the shop. If it’s very large, it will be on the top or bottom shelf. If it’s small and compact, it can be stored on the middle shelf. Generally, smaller packages are better and more desirable to consumers. Big packages are harder to transport and harder to carry.


Your product packaging’s imagery needs to be carefully thought and planned out. If you want a more minimalistic design (which is infinitely more appealing in today’s world) then you might want to forego any imagery and stick to writing. If you don’t care for minimalism, then ideally your packaging should have a picture of your product on it. Alternatively, you can include a related picture but not one of your product. If you’re going to include pictures of your product, make sure that you plan a photoshoot so that your product is photographed professionally. Poorly shot photographs can put consumers off of buying your product.

Honest Packaging

If you’re going to pack your product traditionally, with images and instructions, then you need to be honest about your product. Don’t make any wild claims or sell your product as being something that it’s not. Stick to the point and try to convey what your product is without lying, exaggerating, or embellishing facts. It can be hard to do, especially if you’re desperate to sell your product. If you lie to consumers, then they’re unlikely to do business with you again.

Explain Your Product

If you want your product’s packaging to be attractive and shelf-ready, then you should try to explain what your product is. If consumers have never done business with you before, then they’ll need to know what your product is as soon as they see it. You can do this by telling your product’s story as briefly as possible. You can also do this by coming up with a carefully thought up catchphrase or one-liner. You can then add this to your product’s packaging. Try to think of something that summarises your product’s entire mission as briefly as possible.

Making your product more attractive and shelf-ready doesn’t have to be difficult. With the perfect packaging, you should have no problems when it comes to selling your product. Thank you for reading, good luck!