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The Best Online Broker Platforms


With the multiple online stock brokers available, it can be a difficult choice to set your eyes on just one choice that we know. For that reason, we have decided to aid your search today by providing you with a comprehensive receipt of the most popular trading platforms that are available across the internet today. All you need to do is take notes and you should come to a conclusion of what your final decision will be.

To summarise before we get into depth of each of the candidates, here is a quick list of the top suggestions that we believe are the best broker platforms on the internet today.

·   Fidelity Investment

·   Tastyworks

·   Interactive Brokers 

Fidelity Investments 

Fidelity at the top for quite the few years now, due to providing traders with a package that provides excellently executed trades with the investment tools that are integrated within the service. Its services have great mobile compatibility, meaning you will be able to find responsive and operative mobile web browsers to complete all your personal investments. 

Fidelity have stated how committed they are to lowering the costs for their clients, and have actually sought to provide a cut in equity required, alongside zero commissions from October 2019. Up until today, they are devoted in ensuring they provide their clients with the education and research that is needed to trade purposefully.

You will find that it is easy to earn interest on your investments, provided that you sweep in with non-invested cash stored within the money market funds. Fidelity has managed to share their revenue to generate a stock loan programme, therefore giving you the greater freedom to choose how stocks in particular within the portfolio are to be loaned out.


· There is an excellent trade execution, with 96% of orders from customers priced better than the national best bid offer.

· You will find that all cash that is non-invested, will be kept safe within a fund to help contribute to overall portfolio return.


· Traders that have been in the business for a while may find that the web platform that Fidelity provides is necessary should you wish to try out the tools and research options that come with investing.

· You will need to manually keep refreshing all the data when using the Fidelity website as an investor and a trader, which can be an inconvenience.


Tastyworks have said that 90% of trades which come through via customers are in fact derivatives and therefore there are many tools and options for traders to access within their services. You will find that Tastyworks have ensured that everything that they provide is designed to provide evaluations of the volatility and probability of profit within the markets. 

When making a decision, profit and actions to procure that are considered, therefore executions are fast with low costing associated. Capping commissions for opening new orders on equity and futures is at $10 per leg essentially. When you build a position through the charts via volatility scanners, you can keep an easy track of your network, via the video viewer that is embedded within the platform. Trading may seem uncomfortable as a newcomer, however should you already understand all the basic concepts that arise with trading, everything should be okay to use on Tastyworks.


· The tools used to analyse the trading derivatives are built within the platform very nicely, meaning it’s easy to access with minimal complications.

· The charting options are unique and a great option for traders to utilise.

· Every week there are videos uploaded to offer you trading ideas as an independent trader, in addition to a large library of preselected videos to check out at your own leisure.


· All newcomers will find that there is a bit to learn when joining this platform, especially when it comes to trading and investing.

· There are no fixed incomes when it comes to outside the ETFs and bonds, therefore you will want to allocate your assets conservatively via class.

·  You will need to analyse and add additional portfolios via separate sites and logins, meaning user experience is not straightforward, especially if you are new to investing.

Interactive Brokers 

This platform is perfect for traders that have experience and are looking for sophistication in the way they over line their trading within the markets. You will be able to connect as many exchanges as possible electronically due to the firm. All equities, options and futures can be traded at any hour and around the clock, and there is a constant update to any changes that occur across the market. The conditions are evaluated and rerouted to achieve optimal execution, with price improvements (if any). 

The algorithms operate super speedily, with additional access to the institutional order flows so you can execute larger orders too. Being that each order type will come with its own algorithms and conditions, you will be able to set up orders that are price dependent, amongst other varying factors such as volume, margin cushion, number of shares available and so on.


· The Interactive Brokers have engines that are smarter than most in the business, meaning again it is very suited to more experienced traders.

·  The broker platform will connect you to 135 markets across international seas (33 countries), meaning you can trade stocks, options, futures, forex, bonds and other various pursuits from one single account. You will not need to open multiple accounts for various sectors.

· The algorithm within the platform is designed to include Volume weighted prices and time weighted prices, so that you can minimise the traders impact on the price of the stock you are looking after.


·  You will only be able to stream the data from the site via one device at a time i.e. your account will log out should you wish to stream across multiple devices. Multi-device working traders will definitely find this as an issue no doubt.

·   Advanced services are restricted to pro clients who pay for the evolved packages, meaning trading is not commission free for plans here.