Home Issues Dear Buckingham Palace, Clarence House and Kensington Royal,

Dear Buckingham Palace, Clarence House and Kensington Royal,


To the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William,

Your response to the Harry and Meghan interview needs to be one of understanding and regret and a promise to do better.

We recommend the following.

  1. Apologise
  2. Offer Restitution
  3. Organise Training in Diversity and Unconscious Bias for the Firm

There is no point pouring gasolene on a fire by coming out all guns blazing.
Your response to the Meghan Bullying accusations was exactly that.

The Oprah interview is the real truth from Harry and Meghan, which they have probably been trying to tell you for the last two years but you refused to listen or brushed it under the carpet.

Now that they are saying these same things in the open – now you understand and are listening. There may have been misunderstandings and glaring errors.

Your response to the racism issue needs to be carefully crafted. As head of the commonwealth which is made up of mostly black and brown people, you need to ensure you do not alienate those who you purport to represent.

Things have changed. Every corporate firm is undergoing diversity training. You are not exempt and every member of the family needs to be educated by a suitable consultant who will tailor the course to your lives.

You need to find a way to make up for the pain caused. As Meghan suffered, you did nothing. And you have been unduly harsh taking away their patronages and Harry’s military connections.

We know you accepted Meghan and most of the family love her. We know you thought she was a great addition to the Firm and would go down well with the Commonweath and multicultural Britain. For this we thank you.

But something went wrong along the way. The press and some of your people decided to attack her – and you did not protect her. In this fast moving world – you cannot allow vile comments about a family member to stay up on your social media for months on end. You need to publicly call out bias and racism. You cannot ignore these things nowadays. It does not go away. Bile Grows – and eventually there are threats – and life and death repercussions.

You had two treasures in your midst with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. And you let them slip away.

They needed to share their side of the story and for that we are grateful, because yes we were all puzzled as to why they left.

We understand now. May there be a peaceful reconciliation. Even if they stay in America – there does not need to be a war. Let love and respect reign.