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How to Understand Privilege


This is a profound video which illustrates so many aspects of privilege.

A youth leader asks a number of questions which separate one group of young people for another. We felt bad for those left behind. This is a powerful message.

However Jolisa from youtube exclaims that he forgot to ask a few important questions. See below.

1) How many of you will never have to worry about being overlooked because of your race when looking for a job after you graduate?

2) How many of your parents ever been fired due to racism?

3) How many of you will have to worry about being wrongfully convicted of a crime you did not commit due to your race?

4) How many of you will have to worry about being stopped and shot by the police because of your race?

5) How many of you have had family members go to jail for a crime they did not commit?

6) How many of you will struggle to earn a livable wage, despite having a degree, because of your race?

7) How many of you have struggled to find a job because of your ethnic name?

8) How many of you will have to worry about getting paid less then your co workers because of your race?

It’s not always about not having access to an education because those things can be accessed.. yes it will be harder for some but it’s not impossible. The real issues are systematic oppression, which holds people back, despite having obtained those things. There are alot of blacks that went and got a degree but are struggling to find work and are getting paid less or not finding work at all because of their race. This issue is way deeper then how it’s being presented but I respect the message he is trying to get across..