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Solutions for a better Education


Solutions for a better Education

Parents need to follow at these Twelve Commandments for GUARANTEED EDUCATIONAL IMPROVEMENTS.
(Or at least five of these)

1. Early Start
Parents need to take an active interest, and start training the children to be studious from young. From the time they start to talk, they can be taught to read.

2. Praise
Praise, Encourage and Instill Confidence in the child at every opportunity. Do all you can to raise their self esteem, and self belief.

3. Books
Are there enough books in the home? How often are books bought? Books are not expensive. They can be bought new, or from 25p from local charity shops. 
Does the child go to the local library. A once weekly visit would be good. And make the child responbsible for remembering to return books borrowed.

4. Educational Activity at Home
Parents can encourage children to do the following: (make them do this). 
Emphasis – MAKE CHILDREN DO THIS. If the child will not listen to you, find someone whom they will listen to, and let them spend as much time with that person as possible. Break that cycle.

Read Books, Newspapers, Magazines
Set targets
Develop Creative Skills
Develop Intelligence
Develop Memory Retention techniques
Teach another child
Debate an Issue
Develop Business Ideas

5. Extra Schooling
There might be local supplementary schools, which can assist students, after school, saturdays and during the holidays. These can help motivate children. Encourage the child to stay for after school clubs, where extra tuition is given. Dashing home to watch TV, or hang on the street corners with other children is not helpful.

6. Tutors
If you can afford, hire private tutors.

7. Set a good example 
What does the youth see you do? Are you working? Do they see you read, study? Do they see you smoke, swear, have a good time-charlie, cuss? Are you never there? Do you perhaps not listen when they talk to you? Is your conversation always a shouting match.

8. Move
If the worried parents of neighbourhoods where gangs and drugs are rife, could only move house, or send their child to a family who live far from these types of environment. (Note precedent set by – The Fresh Prince, TV Series)

9. Quality Time

  • Parents need to spend quality time talking individually with one child. Talk, Listen, Analyse, Understand, Talk.
  • Institute a family talk time, and address touchy topics with ease as a friend would address them. These little talks and conversations could either help guide children, or better help the parent to understand their children.
  • Parents should also make time to do at least one activity with children that does not involve work or study.

10. Friends
Get to know your childen’s friends. Ensure they are a good influence, else steer them away. The right companions who have a good work ethic, are ambitious and competitive will influence the child positively.

11. Culture & History
Cultural education, Knowledge of History and Current World Affairs are an essential part of a rounded education. Encourage children to watch the News, Documentaries, Visit Museums, Art Galleries, Theatres, as well as the more common pasttimes of the cinema, bowling and restaurants.

12. Tackle Rebellion Early
Watch out for rebellion, and nip it in the bud early. Where necessary consider a change of strategy.