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19 Trailblazers Ready To Own 2019


The Writer: Joel Campbell
Date first published: 6 January 2019
Emma Paterson
This literary agent was a quiet storm in her own right last year. Winner of the 2018 Book Seller Rising Star and recruited by Aitken Alexander Associates, Paterson has her eye on making an indelible mark in 2019 by doing her bit to enable other black men and women to understand how they can find a similar space in the book industry. She has her hands embedded in some exciting projects for 2020 too. Watch her go from strength to strength.
Ama Lou
Two years ago, this young artist was asked to describe her sound in a sentence, to which she said: “It’s consistently eclectic, but always producing da bangers.” It was an accurate self-assessment. But if you’re yet to gravitate to the sounds of Ama Lou, do so today, and watch her grow throughout this year. Already co-signed by some of the biggest names in the music business, this north Londoner’s music is on course to be yet another proud British export.
Marq James
This 22-year-old has done some very good work with the likes of Fekky, Chip and you’ll see his most recent visuals with the Lotto Boyz very soon. His talent is widely recognised, but his ambition isn’t to just work with the biggest names in the business, although he wouldn’t rule out heading up projects for Gucci Mane, Stefflon Don, Kamille or Roddy Ricch, rather, he wants to be a part of the journey where up and coming talent is concerned. An integral part of Ramz’s pre-Barking success, this Luton based videographer has no limits. Remember the name.
Sian Gabbidon
It’s hard not to rate what this young lady managed to pull off on last year’s The Apprentice. The epitome of composure, Gabbidon handled her business from day one, until she was crowned business queen of the show. Life & Style have no doubts about her swimwear label becoming the must-have pool and beach wear brand for this summer. Her victory in the most recent series was just the beginning.
Dillian Whyte
It’s been three years since Dillian Whyte lost that fateful fight against long time foe Anthony Joshua, but in that time the south London boxer has repositioned himself in the world rankings, becoming one of the best heavyweights in the world. There’s a look in his eye, the kind you associate with a man on a mission. Will this year be the year where he realises his ultimate ambition of strapping a world title around his waist? Life & Style believe it will. Time will tell.
Dina Asher-Smith
She’s the European champion and all-round girl of the moment Britain has been screaming for. An athlete of substance, who can also run fast, set to be at the precipice of global greatness. That’s where Dina Asher-Smith finds herself this year, as the track and field season heads towards Qatar in September for the World Championships, where I expect her to be in the mix with the best sprinters in the world.
KG 1001
It’s a tough road to the top of the music industry, but this east London/Essex artist isn’t stopping before he gets there. Formerly known as Kid Gospel, the musician has grown into a man with a clear view of where he’s heading to next. A private listen of some of his upcoming music for 2019 lets L&S know he’s serious, and some of the people in his corner tell us this year could be KG’s time to shine.
Damson Idris
If like me you were blown away by this young man’s performance in Snowfall, then it comes as no surprise to see him in this list of ones to watch for this year. Accomplished, Idris, 27, has become one of the nations favourite actors in the business and his career is still very much in its infancy. Whether on TV, in a theatre or at the movies, get used to the name, he’ll be around for the foreseeable.
Sebastian Thiel
If you’ve been following the progress of this film maker and all around creative , then you will know a big play is around the corner. WME know their onions and would not have recruited this talent into their ranks if they didn’t know what some of us have understood for a very long time, Thiel is a special human being. Expect some special projects coming soon.
Alex Boateng
GRM described Island Records’ appointment of the new president of their urban division as “a win for our culture.” Taking up the reigns was Twin, aka Alex Boateng, inset bottom left, an omnipresent within the music scene for as long as I can remember. He’s already made some potent moves and changed the perspective of so many who thought they had their finger on the pulse. Google his work, you’ll find his tentacles have stretched far and wide – and long may that trend continue.
Mo Gilligan
The growth has been amazing, as has the maturity Mo Gilligan is showing as his stock rises. Funny, intelligent and with an innate ability to flit between servicing both a mainstream and ‘urban’ audience, few traverse this comedic landscape as effortlessly. His Coupla Cans Tour was uniquely positioned in a crowded market place and hugely successful. More to come this year, we think.
Judi Love
When you’re assessing your top funny skits/ sketches from last year, Judi Love calling her local West Indian takeaway for some jerk rice has to be among the favourites. The east Londoner smashed 2018, her presence and confidence grew. Her performances got better as the year passed and her Instagram posts give us all life.
Tunde Ogungbesan
As the lead for the BBC’s diversity, inclusion and succession strategy for staff and on-screen portrayal, Tunde Ogungbesan has got a big job on his hands. With the recent call on editors by Black Journalists Collective UK (BJCUK), to improve diversity among their staff in order to improve their reporting of race issues and subjects, his role has never been more important. The BBC need to be seen as addressing these issues head on. They have the man for the job.
Ama Agbeze
The captain of the England Netball team has ridden the highs and the lows of the sport over the last decade, and will no doubt be in position to positively influence the team again this year as the ‘Roses’ look to add the World Cup to the Commonwealth gold medal they secured in 2018. Young players can model themselves on Agbeze, right, the goal defence and goal keeper is a consummate professional and deserves all her plaudits.
Anne Mensah
The former head of drama for Sky is set to become the VP of content at Netflix, leading the streamer’s team working on UK productions. Prior to joining the business, Mensah was at ITV, the BBC, and at several British drama indies. A breath of fresh air in an industry that doesn’t always get it, Mensah’s commissions include Fortitude, Britannia and Riviera.
Akosua Annobil
This young lady was named in the FT’s UK’s top 100 black and minority ethnic leaders in technology for her endeavours as founder of AB2020 (AfricaBusiness2020.com) and the Tech in Ghana Conference. One of a growing army of British born entrepreneurs and blue-sky thinkers, who see more promise in the Mother Land than they did in the UK, Akosua has cemented her position in the market place with strong affiliations across the globe.
Jeffrey Boateng
This British/Ghanaian entrepreneur is the founder of Ghana Escapes – a holiday package service. Identified five years ago, Boateng saw the opportunity to take tourists to Ghana to experience every aspect of the country. With tourism on the up, Boateng said it was the right time to showcase the country. Check him out.
This guy spits fire. I think that’s a fair statement, but it’s his moves off the mic that have landed him in this list. No disrespect, but without this man there might not have been a Young Bane. The way this team have navigated the last 12-18 months is aweinspiring. There isn’t a person with a bad word to say about them and that’s not an easy thing to manage in the industry. More power to you G FrSH. Can’t wait to see what’s next.
Danai Mavunga
Lit Management Director Danai Mavunga is everything an artist needs in their corner. Put in simple terms, Mavunga gets it done. Methodical, personable a n d committed, it’s only a matter of time before she becomes a household name in her own right. Already a respected player in the entertainment industry, if you aspire to be great, connect with this lady
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