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Chicken Connoisseur shoots to Internet Fame then gets Channel 4 Show

Chicken Connoisseur gets Channel 4 show Credit: Youtube/Chicken Connoisseur

(first published 9 December 2016)
‘Man didn’t even have burger sauce. How can I respect you?’: Chicken Connoisseur shoots to internet fame by reviewing London’s fast food joints.
A man who calls himself ‘The Chicken Connoisseur’ has caused a storm on social media after posting video reviews of fried chicken restaurants.
Fast-food critic Elijah Quashie, 23, has visited various joints around London, giving a score out of five for different meals on the menu.
His humorous reviews called ‘The Pengest Munch’ have attracted a legion of fans with thousands following him on Twitter, eagerly watching him dissect the crunch of fries and the texture of chicken .
The expert describes himself as a ‘a food critic for mandem who care to know what the finest chicken restaurants in London are and where to find them.’
Man conducts review of local chicken shop with hilarious results.  The Chicken Connoisseur rates wings and burgers for seasoning, texture and size.  When the Elijah is impressed with a particular dish he brands it ‘peng’ – which is slang for great.
He said, ‘Most of the time I eat chicken. All restaurants have reviews but chicken shops rarely have any. They are not respected like that and they are better for value for many.’
Elijah started visiting restaurants in the following areas: Edgware Road, Tottenham, Tufnell Park, Waterloo, Finsbury Park and Old Street.
His highest rating has been for the Dallas chicken shop, near Waterloo station in central London, which scored 4.5/5.
While Eden’s chicken in Finsbury Park, north London, was a close second with 4/5.
Chicken Valley in Edgware, north London, was on the receiving end of his worst review to date which scored a measly 1.5/5.
Reviewing Chick King in Tottenham, north London – kicked off a surge in his popularity, with 100,000 views very quickly on his YouTube channel.
The critic opens the episode by having a dig that will sure to loose him fans in certain parts of north London.
Pointing to a Tottenham Hotspur merchandise shop, Elijah says: ‘Here we are outside the deadest team on the planet. But we’re not here for the team, we’re here for Chick King.’
During the visit we see our expert pay £6.40 for four wings, chips, a fillet burger and a can of Lilt and a ginger beer.
First critiquing the fries, he said: ‘They were fat chips, which I was gassed about at first, but the chicken was disapointing.  Elijah said that he ‘could not taste any flavours at all’ in his fillet burger from Chick King.
‘But the texture, just because they were different. They actually had breadcrumbs on them. They were rolled in breadcrumbs. You can tell because when the ting is fried it’s not the one piece of skin that just slides off.
‘Because of the breadcrumbs, for that I’d say 3.5. But again they’re not far past mediocre.’
In another video, while falling short of a Ramsey’s kitchen nightmare, it certainly was not a good day in the office for Chick King – because our esteemed reviewer was not impressed with his fillet burger either.
Elijah said: ‘The burger caught me off guard because it was hench. My mind was like ‘rah this burger is hench’. I looked at it and I thought ‘that looks peng’.
Wrapping up his review of Chick King, the Chicken Connoisseur said: ‘If you come here expecting the great munch – you’re an idiot’
‘But it hit me about two thirds of the way in, I clocked it, the burger was not peng at all, it was just hench. I spent more time chewing and focusing on that I didn’t choke.
‘The flavour was dead. I couldn’t taste any flavours in there at all, none what so ever maybe salt maximum. Out of five, 3.5.
‘Something that caught me off guard, man definitely chewed on a bone. Bossman – I don’t know wa’gwan, but that can’t run.’
Wrapping up his review, he said: ‘It was very, very underwhelming. Man didn’t even have burger sauce how can I respect you?
‘Overall a 3.5. If you come here expecting the great munch – you’re an idiot.’
Source: Daily Mail.
The ‘Chicken Connoisseur’ YouTube sensation is getting his own Channel 4 show
by Adam Starkey
(first published 5 Oct 2017)
Elijah is jumping from YouTube to Channel 4.
Remember the Chicken Connoisseur who aided millions on their quest for the pengest munch? The viral smash has bagged his own show on Channel 4. Heathers TV show delayed due to Parkland school shooting Elijah Quashie aka the Chicken Connoisseur became an online sensation after critically evaluating all the finest chicken takeaways around London and the world, racking up millions of views for his insightful munch critique.
Channel 4 have now announced Elijah will be fronting a brand new show currently titled The Peng Life, which will see the Connoisseur paired with special guests as they hunt down the most-wanted items in the city. Ranging from food to fashion, the series will see Elijah sample items at two different price points – street and elite level – where he’ll give his judgement on which item deserves the title of The Pengest.
The show will also see the YouTuber meet celebrities to review items, and discover the pengest luxuries in their life. Hopefully chicken orientated.
Source: metro.com