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The Philosophy of Schooling


The Philosophy of Schooling

Perhaps we should all be made to return to school periodically. There are many further education colleges and Adult colleges as well as Universities running courses to suit all. Full time, part-time, one day short course and every shade in between are offered. And Schools generally do more than educate.

Education is the acquiring of knowledge. It can take place anywhere. At home, in the park, in the bedroom, at a church, at a club, walking down the street or basically anywhere where clear thinking can take place.

For children, schooling offers different life skills, as well as education. These include:

The art of making friends, Breaking up and Making up.
Emotional Development,
Acceptable Manners
Normal Behaviour
Vocational preparation,
Punctuality and Commitment
The discipline to attend a certain place every day, on time
Team Work
Debating Skills (Arguing skills)

Its unfortunate that the best that schools have to offer is not appreciated by children until years after they have left school, and look back ruefully at the wasted time.

Certain topics are best taught by professionals. Schools not only teach what is relevant and useful now, but what is felt will be useful in later life. It teaches what is moral and acceptable and the advantage of following a set of rules. It should also teach independent thought and critical analysis.

Why is Ballet, or Latin considered to be higher echelons of learning, than plumbing, cookery or car maintenance? For whatever reason, students with less academic ability are steered towards those more practical courses. We can only be thankful that not everyone is the same, otherwise there would be no Arts, or no Trades people.

Education implies some breadth of understanding of various subjects, rather than a single narrow specialism. However a brilliant historian may or a top-rank scientist might surprise many by their lack of general knowledge, or street knowledge. But the discipline required for deep knowledge about one area, usually – over time encourages that person to study other areas which grab their attention. This week, they might know nothing about rap music, but by next week this time, they know far more than you do. They know how to research and obtain knowledge quickly.

Education is a game which must be played by those who plan to get ahead. It must be played to win, and prizes must be collected along the way. Like a video game, there are higher levels, once you get through a certain task. These tasks are Examinations, Coursework, SATs.

Adults must not stop learning. It will help to stimulate the brain and ensure quicker reactions and ideas even as they get older.

Education should be the fundamental for business owners. Read biographies of top business people to get inspiration and motivation. If they could do it, surely you can. Learn about the proposed business. Find out how other business owners have done with similar businesses. Research Company or Charity accounts. Find out best practice. Learn how to market the product, for that is the difference between success and failure. Even is a product is crap, it is possible to sell a million of it if the marketing is right.

Adults need good business education. So if schooling is required to make it happen, join the many courses out there. Some are even free. Learn from the experts. It will help to motivate you, even if you think you have heard it all before. The fact is that poorer educated people are more likely to start businesses, and hence the businesses tend not to last past 3 years. 85% of businesses fail. Education is no guarantee of success, but it does increase the odds for success.

by D Grant
first published 2010
Resource: Book by Robin Barrow, The Philosophy of Schooling