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American Health and Beauty Aids Institute (AHBAI)


Introducing AHBAI.
AHBAI is an internationally renowned trade association representing the world’s leading Black owned companies that manufacture ethnic hair care and beauty related products featuring the Proud Lady Symbol.

AHBAI members serve Black America by providing jobs and scholarships and by teaching consumers how to recycle their dollars in the Black community.
AHBAI was founded in 1981 to represent the thriving ethnic health and beauty care (HBC) industry, one of the few American industries that was founded and is fueled by African-Americans.
Through AHBAI’s efforts, more and more professionals are reaching for AHBAI member products that carry the internationally recognized Proud Lady symbol, the distinguished silhouette that relates to the rich heritage of Black men and women around the world. The Proud Lady symbol can be found on over 3,500 different products in the United States and abroad.
AHBAI members are committed to serving the community which has helped them grow. Whether it be jobs, scholarships, internships or training, AHBAI and its members are among the top contributors to programs in Black communities across the country.
The AHBAI Proud Lady Beauty Show – Chicago is the largest Midwest trade show dedicated to the needs of Black cosmetologists, barbers and nail technicians. Now in its 22nd year, the Proud Lady Beauty Show attracts over 5,000 professionals nationwide. It features hands-on workshops, product demonstrations, styling competitions and an exhibition with over 100 booths.
AHBAI’s Salon Advantage Club continues to focus on salon professionals and strengthens the link between Black professionals and product manufacturers. Club members receive information on salon management and the latest beauty trends. In addition, members receive discounts on classes and admission to the Proud Lady Beauty Shows.
The Fred Luster, Sr. Education Foundation, established in honor of the late Fred Luster, Sr., awards scholarships to cosmetology students and college-bound high school students. To date, the foundation has awarded nearly $670,000 in scholarships.
These programs and others clearly demonstrate AHBAI’s contribution to the industry. AHBAI has strengthened the ethnic health and beauty aids category and created new options for Black consumers and greater opportunity for those working within the trade.